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(Time period: September 1989 - November 1992)


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1.         Cooperating Institutions:


A.I.D./Washington Science and Technology Bureau, Office of Nutrition

Department of Agricultural Economics, MSU


2.         Researchers Involved:


Drs. John Staatz, Michael Weber, James Shaffer, MSU and Dr. Tiladidia Thiombiano, Director of CEDRES in Burkina Faso, and visiting scholar at MSU in 1990/91.

Shelly Sundberg (Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University) and Larry Rubey (Ph.D. candidate at MSU).


3.         Objective of the Research:


To build upon research undertaken in Mali that links rural household production, consumption, and nutrition information.


4.         Research Approach:


Conduct more in-depth analyses to determine the major causes of malnutrition in this part of Africa and identify policy measures that can reduce it.


Carry out additional field surveys in Mali to provide complementary data to the original data set.


            Develop analyses of similar issues for other countries in Africa using existing secondary information.


Draw implications from such analyses for various government and donor programs such as targeted food subsidies.


Diffuse the results of these analyses to A.I.D. officials, African decision makers, and African food security researchers.  This diffusion will include training Sahelian food security researchers in the methods needed to carry out such analyses.


5A.      Outputs to Date: Working Papers


Rubey, Lawrence M., John M. Staatz and Michael T. Weber. "Workshop Report: Targeting Consumer Food Subsidies and the Role of US Food Aid Programming in Africa." Report of a workshop sponsored by Food and Voluntary Assistance Bureau - A.I.D./Washington, November 21, 1989.


Staatz, John M., Lawrence M. Rubey, Philip N. Steffen, and Shelly Sundberg.  "The Scope for Targeted Consumer Food Subsidies in Mali."  Paper prepared for a workshop on "Targeted Consumer Food Subside Schemes and the Role of U.S. Food Aid Programming in Africa."  Sponsored by USAID, Food for Peace Office.  Arlington, Virginia, November 21, 1989.  East Lansing: Michigan State University, Department of Agricultural Economics Staff Paper no. 89-116.


Staatz, John M.  "Food Security and Agricultural Policy."  Paper presented to the Agriculture-Nutrition Workshop sponsored by USAID, Bureau of Science and Technology, Office of Nutrition, Arlington, Virginia, 12-13 February 1990.  East Lansing:  Michigan State University, Agricultural Economics Staff Paper no. 90-10, 1990.


Staatz, John M., Victoire C. D'Agostino, and Shelly Sundberg. "Measuring Food Security in Africa: Conceptual, Empirical and Policy Issues.  Invited Paper Presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Agricultural Economics Association and the Canadian Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 4-8, 1990.  East Lansing: Michigan State University, Agricultural Economics Staff Paper no. 90-50.



5B.      Outputs: Thesis and Related Papers


Sundberg, Shelly, "Ph.D. thesis for degree in Ag. Econ at Stanford, using data collected in collaboration with SESA/MSU Village Studies in Mali.


5C.      Outputs: Seminars/Conferences


Presentations of research results have been made to:


i.          A.I.D./w, Office of Food for Peace, Workshop on Targeted Food Subsidies in Africa (November 1989)


ii.         A.I.D./W, Office of Nutrition, Agriculture Nutrition Linkages Workshop (February 1990)


iii.       American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meetings (Vancouver, B.C., August, 1990)