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(In-country time period: June 1985 - June 1988)


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o   Selected Research Findings from Rwanda that Inform Food Security Policy Themes in Southern Africa. 1988. By Scott Loveridge, Serge Rwamasirabo, and Michael Weber.  MSU Staff Paper No. 88-89.

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1.         Cooperating Institutions:


OAR/Rwanda (USAID)

Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Survey and Statistical Service "SESA,"

Department of Agricultural Economics, MSU


2.         Researchers Involved:


SESA: Serge Rwamasirabo, Jean Chrysostome Mukezangango, Jean Leonard Ngirumwami, Theobald Kampayana, and Yvan Dejaegher

MSU In-Country Researcher:  Scott Loveridge

MSU Campus Backstop:  Mike Weber and Jim Shaffer


3.         Objectives of the Research: 


The two major objectives of this research were:  1) to develop information and analytical procedures which will contribute to understanding of important policy questions related to the interaction of production, marketing, pricing and food security issues for selected storable commodities in Rwanda; 2) to contribute to the development of a framework and analytical capacity for future food security analysis in Rwanda, and the specification of anticipated data requirements.



4.         Research Approach:


Study components included national markets, farmers, merchants, and selected public programs and policies.  For each component a series of systematic surveys obtained either existing secondary information or new primary data from a sample of participants.


A majority of the surveys were focused on relatively limited samples and maximize the involvement of analysts in understanding how the selected food system components operate and relate to each other.  Four focused surveys were added to SESA's on-going national sample survey.


5A.      Outputs: Working Papers/Journal Articles


Bylenga, Sharon, and Scott Loveridge, "Intégration Régionale des Prix Alimentaires au Rwanda, 1970-1986."


Bylenga, Sharon, and Scott Loveridge, "Regional Integration of Food Prices in Rwanda, 1970-1986", May 1987.


Dejaehger, Yvan, and Ngarambe Octavien, "La Production de Certaines Cultures Vivriers: La Sécheresse 1984 Comparée à une Année Normale (1986), la Répartition Mensuelle de la Production Agricole et son Impact Possible sur la Stratégie Alimentaire", 27 May, 1987.


Kampayana, Théobald, "Attitudes, Experiences, Conditions, et Stratégies des Exploitants: Distributions de Fréquence Résultant d'une Enquête Ponctuelle auprés des Ménages Ruraux", 1987.


Loveridge, Scott, Yvan Dejaegher, and Serge Rwamasirabo. "Problematique du Niveau des Transactions du Haircot au Rwanda: Résultats de Six Mois d'Observations."


Loveridge, Scott, and Michael T. Weber, "Relationships Between Food Production, Marketing, and Farmer Perceptions in Five Prefectures of Rwanda."


Loveridge, Scott, and J. Leonard Ngirumwami, "Caracteristiques Descriptives des Commercants des Produits Vivriers Operant sur des Places Fixes dans Cinq Préfectures du Rwanda."


Loveridge, Scott, et. al., "Results of a Survey on Farm Level Sorghum Marketings". English draft version of a working paper in French, presented in Kigali, April 5, 1988.


Loveridge, Scott et. al., "Résultats d'une Enquête sur le Niveau de Commercialisation du Sorgho a l'Echelon du Producteur", Kigali, April 5, 1988.


Loveridge, Scott, with Krista C. Dessert, "Relationships Between Bean Marketings and Bean Production Techniques: A Study of Fifteen Farms in the Prefecture of Kigali."


Loveridge, Scott.  "Marketing in Rwanda:  Imports and Infrastructure."  Food Policy, April 1991.


Mukezangango, J. Chrysostome, "Enquêtes sur les Prix: Description des Séries des Prix Déjà Existants."


Rwamasirabo, Serge, Kampayana Théobald, and Scott Loveridge, "Résultats d'une Enquête sur le Niveau de Commercialisation du Haricot a l'Echelon du Producteur", May 1987.


SESA/MSU Research Team, "Observations on Price Support and Research Programs for Beans in Rwanda", March 1987.


SESA/MSU Research Team. "Quelques Observations sur les Programmes de Fixation du Prix Plancher et Recherche sur le Haricot au Rwanda", March 1987.


SESA/MSU Research Team, "Production, Markets, Prices and Food Security Relationships Among Selected Commodities in Rwanda: A Research Program Overview."


SESA/MSU Research Team, "Rélations Entre la Production, la Commercialisation, les Prix et la Securité Alimentaire de Certains Produits Vivriers Stockables au Rwanda."


5B.      Outputs: Thesis and related papers.


Loveridge, Scott "Uses of Farm and Market Survey Data To Inform Food Security Policy in Rwanda" Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 1988, 529 pp.


Loveridge, Scott "Importance du Haricot et du Sorgho dans le Système de Production des Cultures Vivrières au Rwanda: Disponibilités Actuelles et Projections pour l'Avenir" Ministere de l'Agriculture, Division des Statistiques Agricoles, Republic Rwandaise, 1989.


5C.      Seminars/Conferences:


1.         In Rwanda, the food security team has made presentations at:


Briefing sessions for EEC Marketing Study researchers.


Briefing sessions for USAID/Kigali officials on various occasions.


Presentations and Collaboration with Ministry of Plan and Finance Project on Enterprise and Employment Policy in Rwanda.


The FAO/USAID/ADAAPSO Conference on Food Policy in Francophone Africa, Dakar, March 30 - April 3, 1987.


Workshop on Bean Price and Research Policy for Selected Rwandan Researchers, March, 1987.


Conference on Improving the Understanding of Production and Marketing of Selected Food Products in Rwanda, organized by Ministry of Agriculture for representatives of various Rwandan agencies and donor officials, May 27, 1987.


Conference on Production and Marketing of Sorghum, organized by Ministry of Agriculture for representatives of various Rwandan agencies and donor officials, April 1988.


2.         In the U.S., presentations on the research have been made to:


USAID officials in Africa Bureau, S & T, and PPC staff on 3 different occasions.


University of Minnesota - Rwanda Bean Storage Project Researchers.


M.S.U. students and faculty on 3 separate occasions in workshops and lectures.