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In-Country Time Period: July 1986 – July 1988


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1.         Cooperating Institutions:



Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA), Bureau d'Analyses Macro-Economiques (BAME), Dakar

Department of Agricultural Economics, MSU


2.         Researchers Involved:


Senegalese Research Coordinator:  Léopold Sarr (ISRA)

MSU In-Country Researcher:  Stephan Goetz

Senegalese Researchers:  Bocar Diagana, Abdoulaye Fall

MSU Campus Backstop:  Eric Crawford, John Holtzman, Jim Shaffer, John Staatz, Margaret Beaver

USAID/Dakar Backstop:  Moribajan Keita.


3.         Objective of the Research:


Analyze the response of cereals producers and market participants (private traders, parastatal development agencies, farmer organizations) to privatization of input and output marketing.


4.         Research Approach:


Surveys of markets, private traders, farmers, and farmer organizations.  Area covered = south-east Senegal.

Interviews of policy makers, traders, and management staff in farmer organizations and parastatal agencies.


5A.      Outputs:  Working Papers


Diagana, B.N. "Les Organisations Paraétatiques et Paysannes dans le Sud-est du Sénégal," Dakar: Direction des Recherches sur les Systèmes Agraires de l'ISRA, Décembre 1987, 21 p.


Diagana, B.N. and S.J. Goetz, "Les Sociétés de Développement Rural et le Système de Distribution des Intrants en 1985 et 1986:  Participation et Opinions des Producteurs au Sud-Est du Sénégal."  ISRA/BAME, Note d'Information 87-2, Décembre 1987.


Diagana, B.N., "La NPA du Sénégal et la Responsibilisation des Organisations de Producteurs:  Problèmes et Options Soulevés par des Enquêtes au Sud-Est du Sénégal."  Communication présentés au Séminaire de l'ISRA/MSU sur "la Politique Agricole au Sénégal."  1-8 Juillet 1988. Hotel Novotel, Dakar.


Diagana, B.N.  "Des Sociétés Etatiques de Développement Rural à la Responsibilisation de Producteurs:  Premières Experiences de la Nouvelle Politique Agricole dans le Sud-Est de Sénégal."  Mémoire de confirmation, ISRA/DRSAEA, 1991.


Diagana, B.N., A.A. Fall et S.J. Goetz, "Observations Préliminaires sur le Système Agro-Alimentaire dans les Régions Orientales du Sénégal," presented at the AADPA Conference, March 29-April 1, 1987, Hôtel del l'Indépendance, Dakar.


Fall, A.A. "Etude Descriptive des Marchés Céréaliers au Sud-Est du Sénégal," Dakar: Direction des Recherches sur les Systèmes Agraires de l'ISRA, Décembre 1987, 21 p.


Goetz, S.J., "Observations on Rural Self-Sufficiency, Transactions Behavior and Prospects for Expanding Cereals Production in Southeastern Senegal: A Preliminary Report," presented to USAID/Dakar, March 1988, 23 pp.


Goetz, S.J. "Agricultural Product Prices in Select Markets of Southeastern Senegal: Final Report for 1986-87." Presented to USAID/Dakar, March 1988. 17 p.


Goetz, S.J., B.N. Diagana and A.K. Diallo.  "Le Project Securité Alimentaire ISRA/MSU/USAID: Note Méthodologique," Dakar: Direction de Recherches sur les Systèmes Agraires de l'ISRA, Décembre, 1987, 21 p. (Also available in English).


Goetz, S.J., with A. Dieng. "Characteristics of Agriculture and Farm Households in South-eastern Senegal." Presented to USAID/Dakar, March 1987.


Goetz, S.J. and J.S. Holtzman with A. Dieng. "Crop Mixes, Agricultural Inputs, and Participation with Parastatal Organizations: Reports from Farmers in South-eastern Senegal," May 1987, 38 p.


Goetz, S.J., A.A. Fall, B.N. Diagana, and J.S. Holtzman. "Private Cereals Traders in Southeastern Senegal and the APS: Observations on Opinions, Prospects and Implementation Issues," Outline Paper prepared for Seminar and Discussion with USAID/Dakar, December 8th, 1987. 10 p.


Goetz, S.J., B. Diagana, and J.S. Holtzman, "Renforcer la Participation du Secteur Privé dans le Système Agroalimentaire au Sud-Est du Sénégal."  Communication seminaire ISRA/MSU Politique Agricole au Sénégal, 7-8 Juillet 1988, Novotel, Dakar.


Goetz, S.J., B. Diagana, E. Crawford, S. Holtzman, and M. Weber, "An Analysis of the Effects of Changes in Marketing Institutions and Policy on Cereals Producers and Marketing Agents in Southeastern Senegal--Executive Summary."  46 Pages, ISRA/MSU Food Security Project Report submitted to USAID/SENEGAL, September 1988.


5B.      Outputs: Thesis and related papers.


Goetz, Stephan J.  "Market Reforms, Food Security, and the Cash Crop-Food Crop Debate in Southeastern Senegal."  Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 1990.  251 pp.


Goetz, Stephan J.  "Peanut Seed, Agricultural Labor, and the Food Crop-Cash Crop Debate in Senegal."  Mimeo.  Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University.  May 21, 1990.  22 pp.


Goetz, S.J. "Economies of Scope and the Cash Crop-Food Crop Debate in Senegal."  World Development, Vol. 20, No. 5, May 1992, pp. 727-8. .


Goetz, S.J. "A Selectivity Model of Household Marketing Behavior in Sub -Sahahran Africa."  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 74, No. 2, May 1992, pp. 444-452.


Goetz, S.J. "Interlinked Markets and the Cash Crop-Food Crop Debate in Land-Abundant Tropical Agriculture."  Forthcoming in Economic Development and Cultural Change, 1993.


Goetz, Stephan J.  "Uncertainty, Transactions Costs, and the Cereals Market Participation of Agricultural Households in Sub-Saharan Africa."  Mimeo.  Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, June 15, 1990.  18 pp.


Goetz, Stephan J.  "Food Security, Self-Sufficiency and Market Privatization in Senegal:  An Analysis of Farmer Behavior and Policy Options."  MSU International Development Paper (Draft).  East Lansing: Michigan State University, Department of Agricultural Economics, July 10, 1990.  42 pp.


5C.      Outputs: Seminars/Conferences.


1.         In Senegal, the food security team has made presentations at:


The FAO/USAID/ADAAPSO Conference on Food Policy in Francophone Africa, Dakar, March 30-April 3, 1987.


Paper presented was:  B. Diagana, A. Fall, and S. Goetz, "Observations Préliminaires sur le Système Agro-Alimentaire dans les Régions Orientales du Sénégal."


USAID/Dakar, November 1986, February 1987, July 1987, and December 1987


2.         In the U.S., presentations on the research have been made to:


A.I.D./Washington Workshop on Cereals Policy in the Sahel, Africa Bureau, Office of Sahel and West African Affairs, Thursday, Oct. 8, 1987.

Department of Agricultural Economics, MSU.


Rockefeller Foundation