Fact Sheet Somalia Study














(In-country time period: June - 1986 - December 1988)


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1. Cooperating Institutions:



Ministry of Agriculture, Planning Division, Mogadishu

Department of Agricultural Economics, MSU


2. Researchers Involved:


Ministry of Agriculture, Planning Division: Abukar Osman Abikar (Director), National Extension Service: Hussein Iman.

Somali National University, Faculty of Agriculture: Mohamud Ibrahim Asser, Mohammed Osman Farah.

MSU In-Country Researcher: Yassin Wehelie

MSU Campus Backstop: John S. Holtzman, Michael T. Weber




3. Objectives of the Research:


Conduct analysis of the effects of selected market, institutional, and technological variables on the investment and production decisions of maize and sesame producers in the lower and middle Shebelle regions and the implications of those decisions for food security in Somalia.


4. Research Approach:


Study components included regional markets (in Southern Somalia), farmers, traders, and selected public programs and policies. Formal surveys were implemented to gather data on agricultural product and input prices, and producer and trader resources, behavior and constraints. Informal surveys were conducted with selected policy makers, donor agencies and development project managers.


Activities we also conducted to assemble, analyze, and examine the consistency of available secondary data on national/regional/district production of maize, agricultural commodity prices, imports, food aid, ADC (Agricultural Development Corporation) operations, and technology adoption and impacts.


5A. Outputs: Working Papers


Abikar, Abukar Osman. "An Assessment of the Impact of Agricultural Marketing Liberalization on Performance of Cereal Subsector in Somalia," Working Paper No. 4, April 1987.


Asser, Mohamud Ibrahim. "Maize and Sesame Marketing and Trader Characteristics," Working Paper No. 7, December 1987.


Asser, Mohamud Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamud Ga'al, and Yassin J. Wehelie. "Retail and Wholesale Maize Price Trends Between September 1986 to April 15, 1987," Price Report No. 1, May 1987, Market Report Series.


Holtzman, John S. "Maize Supply and Price Situation in Somalia: An Historical Overview and Analysis of Recent Changes," Working Paper No. 5, May 1987.


Iman, Hussein M. "Maize and Sesame Technology Adoption and Constraints, Working Paper No. 7, December 1987.


MOA/Directorate of Planning/MSU Research Team. "Proceedings of Workshop on Food Security Planning and Policy," Held at the Ministry of Agriculture in Mogadishu on May 31, 1987.


Wehelie, Yassin J. "Maize Price Seasonality: An Analysis of Monthly Retail Maize Prices in Mogadishu from January 1979 to December 1986 (with 1987 Maize Forecast Prices)," Working Paper No. 1, January 1987.


Wehelie, Yassin J. and Mohamed Osman Farah. "The Situation of Farm Inputs in Somalia," Working Paper No. 8, December 1987.


Wehelie, Yassin J. and John Holtzman. "Primary Agricultural Characteristics of Maize and Sesame Producing Villages in the Middle and Lower Shebelle Regions," Working Paper No. 3, March 1987.


Wehelie, Yassin J. and Furhana Wehelie. "Changes in Urban Maize Consumption Patterns, Working Paper No. 2, February 1987.


Wehelie, Yassin , Mohamud Ibrahim Asser, Katie Baird, John S. Holtzman, Mohamed Osman Farah, and Michael T. Weber. "Selected Food Security Research Findings: A Seminar Discussion Paper." November 1987.


5B. Thesis and related papers


Wehelie, Yassin Jeyte "The Effects of Policy Adjustments on Food Security in Somalia: The Case of Maize and Sesame in The Shabelle River Valley." Ph.D. thesis, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 1989, 435 pp.


5C. Seminars/Conferences


1. In Somalia, the Food Security Team has made presentations at:


Briefing of Ministry of Agriculture senior officials on several occasions.


Briefing sessions for USAID officials on various occasions.


"Food Security Planning and Policy Workshop," Ministry of Agriculture, May 31, 1987. Workshop participants included representatives of Ministries of Agriculture, National Planning and Finance, the National Extension Service, the Center for Agricultural Research in Somalia (CARS), FAO, World Food Programme, Finnish Aid, UNCDF (Capital Development Fund), World Bank, and USAID.


"Second Food Security Planning and Policy Workshop," Ministry of Agriculture, November 1987.


Briefing of USAID/DAI/Robert Nathan team that examined the impact of structural adjustment programs and agricultural policy reform on the performance of the agricultural sector in Somalia, December 1986/January 1987.


Briefings of other researchers in Somalia, including University of Wisconsin, Land Tenure Center, SARSA Cooperative Agreement, and Bay Region Agricultural Development Project.


2. In the U.S., presentations on the research have been made to:


USAID officials in the Africa Bureau, S & T, and PPC on three different occasions.


Rockefeller Foundation.


MSU students and faculty on two separate occasions in workshops and lectures.