Food Security in Africa (FSA) Cooperative Agreement - Overall Project Fact Sheet













In-Country Time Period: September 1984-November 1992


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·       Downloadable Documents

o   MSU International Development Working Papers, those published from 1984 – 1992.

o   Informing Food Security Decisions in Africa: Empirical Analysis and Policy Dialogue. 1988. by Michael T. Weber, John M. Staatz, John S. Holtzman, Eric W. Crawford, and Richard H. Bernsten.  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 70, Issue 5.

o   Journal Articles by FSA Faculty and Students – See years 1988-92.

o   Book/Book Chapters by FSA Faculty and Students – See years 1985-1992.

o   Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Food Security Research, Capacity-Building, and Outreach. 2009. By The MSU Food Security Group. MSU International Development Working Paper 101. October 30, 2009

o   Improving Food Security in Africa: Highlights of 25 Years of Research, Capacity-Building, and Outreach. 2009. by The MSU Food Security Group. Policy Brief No. 84. October 2009.

o   Food Security in Africa Final Evaluation (A.I.D. Project No. 931-1190 - Cooperative Agreement NO. DAN-1190-A-00-4092-00). 1991. by Donald G. McClelland (USAID), Cheryl Christensen (USDA), Bruce Johnston (Stanford University), Beatrice Rogers (Tufts University), and Gloria Steele (USAID). Agency for International Development, Washington, D. C., February 1991.

o   Food Security in Africa Mid-Term Project Evaluation. 1988. By Bruce Johnston (Stanford University), Ernesto Lucas and Michael Yates (USAID).

o   Food Security in Africa – USAID ARDS Project Paper Amendment, June 1, 1984

o   USAID Development Experience Clearing House Archive – 117 downloadable documents from this project - DAN-1190-A-00-4092-00.


1.  Cooperating Institutions and Funding Sources:


A.I.D./Research and Development Bureau, Office of Economic and Institutional Development (Contact persons: Gary Kinney and Gloria Steele, A.I.D./R&D/EID)

A.I.D./Research and Development Bureau, Office of Nutrition

A.I.D./Africa Bureau, Office of Analysis, Research and Technical Support 

A.I.D./Africa Bureau, Office of Sahel West Africa

USAID Field Missions

Host Country Institutions

Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University


2.  MSU Faculty and Staff Involved:


Richard Bernsten, Eric Crawford, Josué Dioné, Carl Eicher, Thomas Jayne, James Oehmke, Thomas Reardon, Allan Schmid, James Shaffer, John Staatz, James Tefft, David Tschirley, Raul Varela, Michael T. Weber (Director), Margie Aimery, Vicky Branstetter, Nancy Fair, Janet Munn, Elizabeth Bartilson, Margaret Beaver, Wendy Peters, Jeff Wilson and Chris Wolf.


3.  Purpose of the Agreement:


The central purpose of the project was to assist African countries in formulating alternative institutions and management processes that deal with critical short- and medium-term food security problems and that are consistent with longer-term strategies for achieving more reliable, productive and dynamic food systems that benefit both producers and consumers.  Specifically, the project:


·       Developed new knowledge, operational approaches and analytical methods that enhance the ability of governments to identify problems, analyze program alternatives, and formulate strategies that achieve food security goals; and


·       Developed new understanding of how to upgrade institutional and professional capabilities for improving national food systems.


4.         Applied Research Themes:


Primary Focus:

·       The interaction of technological change, institutional reforms and macro-level policy in overcoming food production and marketing constraints.


Secondary Focus:

·       Managing foreign exchange, food imports and food aid to achieve food security goals.

·       Planning and prioritizing policy research and analytical requirements to achieve food security goals.

·       Data and analysis needs for food security planning.


5.         Operationalizing the Applied Research:  Countries/Topics (See standalone fact sheets)


·       Senegal Study

·       Mali Study

·       Malawi Study

·       Mozambique Study

·       Rwanda Study

·       Somalia Study

·       Tanzania Study

·       Zimbabwe/Southern Africa Regional

·       Sahel Regional Activities

·       Nutrition - Buy In

·       Agriculture Technology Assessment


6A.      Outputs: Working Papers and Other Publications with a Cross-Country Focus


D'Agostino, Victoire C. "Cereals Market Liberalization in Mali:  Lessons and Prospects."  Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the African Studies Association.  Atlanta, 2-5 November 1989.  East Lansing:  Michigan State University, Agricultural Economics Staff Paper no. 89-111.


Dembélé, Niama N., et John M. Staatz.  "Impact des Echanges Régionaux des Céréales sur la Sécurité Alimentaire en Afrique de l'Ouest."  Document préparé pour le Séminaire CILSS/Club du Sahel sur les Espaces Céréaliers Régionaux en Afrique de l'Ouest, Lomé, du 6 au 11 novembre 1989.  East Lansing: Michigan State University, Agricultural Economics Staff Paper no. 89-93, 1989.  Version anglaise:  "Impact of Regional Cereals Trade on Food Security in West Africa." 


Dioné, Josué. "Policy Dialogue, Market Reform and Food Security in Mali and the Sahel."  Paper presented at the Fifth Annual Conference on Food Security Research in Southern Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, 16-18 October 1989. East Lansing, Michigan, 1989.


Eicher, Carl K., and John M. Staatz. "Food Security Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa." John M. Staatz, co-author. Agriculture in a Turbulent World Economy, edited by A. Maunder and R. Renborg.  Proceedings of the 19th Conference of International Agricultural Economists, Aldershot, Hauts, England: Gower, 1986, pp. 215-229.


Eicher, Carl K. "Africa's Food Battles," in Agricultural Development in the Third World, Second Edition, Edited by Carl K. Eicher and John M. Staatz, Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990, 503-530.


Eicher, Carl K. "African Agriculture: Research Challenges for Social and Technical Sciences in the 1990s," Paper presented at the Summer Institute for African Agricultural Research, University of Wisconsin, Madison, July 1990.


Eicher, Carl K., and M. Rukuni. "Food Security Policy Options in Eastern and Southern Africa" in National and Regional Self-Sufficiency Goals: Implications for International Agriculture.  Edited by Earl D. Kellogg and Fred J. Ruppel.  Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, (forthcoming).


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Eicher, Carl K., Mandivamba Rukuni, (l990).  "Namibia:  Restructuring and Strengthening the Institutional Base for Agricultural Development,"  Paper prepared for the IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium on Agricultural Restructuring in Southern Africa, Swakopound, Namibia, 24-27 July.


Kennedy, E. and T. Reardon. "Non-traditional Grains in the Diet of East and West Africa: A Comparison of Kenya and Burkina Faso", submitted to Food Policy, August 1991; revised and resubmitted September 1992.  (Represents collaborative work with IFPRI).


Reardon, T. "Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Agriculture: Challenges from Agroforestry: discussion", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, August 1992.


Reardon, T. and S. Vosti. "Issues in the Analysis of the Effects of Policy on Conservation and Productivity at the Household Level in Developing Countries", Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, (4) October - December 1992.  (Represents collaborative work with IFPRI).


Reardon, T. "Review of The Green Revolution Reconsidered: The Impact of High-Yielding Rice Varieties in South India, by P. Hazell and C. Ramasamy, with contributions by P.K. Aiyasamy et al.", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming January 1993.


Reardon, T. and P. Webb. "Dealing with food crises: Household strategies for coping during and after drought in East and West Africa"("Stratégies de ménages pour faire face aux crises de nourriture pendant et après la secheresse en Afrique de l'est et de l'ouest", presented at CERDI/Universite de Clermont I, France, Colloquium "Politique economique et performances agricoles comparees dans les pays d'Afrique et les pays d'Asie a faible revenu", 20-22 March 1991; revised April 1992; forthcoming in seminar proceedings.  (Represents collaborative work with IFPRI).


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von Braun, J., P. Webb, T. Reardon, and T. Teklu, "Food Insecurity, Famines, and Coping Mechanisms: Some Lessons from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Burkina Faso", A case study report/chapter for the FAO/WHO December 1992 International Conference on Nutrition.  (Represents collaborative work with IFPRI).


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6B:  Outputs:  Seminars/Conferences



** Winrock International, meeting with A.I.D. Africa Bureau on 'Agricultural Transformation of Africa', (seminar presentation, May 1992): N.B. Text of talk appears on published proceedings Center for Research on Economic Development (CRED), University of Michigan 'Diversification de revenus dans l'Afrique de l'ouest semi aride' (invited presentation, August 1992)


Food Security and Productivity Unit, A.I.D. Africa Bureau, 'Premier Food Security and Productivity Collaborators Round Table', Oct. 22-23, talk on Agricultural Productivity Project of FS2.