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The core Food Security faculty team includes 17 members who have over 300 years of professional experience, including some 170 person-years of work on previous MSU African food security projects. Twelve faculty currently work full-time on African food security issues, with the remaining five devoting on average over 50% of their time to these issues (exclusive of teaching). Four are African nationals. The team works closely with other faculty members in MSU's Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, who also have substantial experience in Africa and other developing areas and work extensively with African students.

Most of the faculty team members have lived as long-term residents in some 19 Sub Sahara African (SSA) countries, excluding the experience of our African faculty members), provided long-term backstopping support to projects in an additional 7 African countries, and have short-term experience in an additional 4 countries. Their extensive first-hand experience thus covers over 30 SSA countries. Among the various team members, there is professional working proficiency in 14 European and/or African languages.