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Component 2: MSU/Sokoine collaborative empirical research and policy outreach on strategies to promote the sustainable intensification of smallholder maize & rice production

Theme 1:  Improving the Profitable and Sustained Use of Fertilizer and Improved Seed for the Main Food Staples
1.1 Investigating the farm-level determinants of smallholder maize yields and assessing the profitability of use of inorganic fertilizer and improved seed in smallholder maize production
Status: on-going

1.2 Investigating the farm-level determinants of smallholder paddy yields yield and assessing the profitability of use of inorganic fertilizer and improved seed in paddy production
Status: on-going    This study will pursue the same research questions as in Study 1.1 but for smallholder paddy.

Theme 2:  Improving the Impact of Input Subsidy Programs
2.1 Study to measure the farm household-level impacts of the National Agriculture Inputs Voucher Scheme (NAIVS) and the efficiency of subsidized vouchers in raising smallholder fertilizer use on maize and rice  Status: on-going

2.2: Benefit-cost analysis of NAIVS  Status: on-going

2.3 Study of the effect of NAIVS on private sector fertilizer and seed supply chains in Tanzania and prospects for the sustainability of investments made in these chains during NAIVS      Status: on-going

Presentation at the first annual Agricultural Policy Conference, "The Changing Landscape of Tanzania’s Agriculture: The need for evidence-based policy making,” Dar es Salaam. 2-4 Dec 2014:

2.4 Ex ante assessment of the design of the proposed pilot government-led Agricultural Credit Subsidy Program (ACSP)   Status: draft report shared with key MAFC policymakers in May 2014; presented to the Director of Crop Development (MAFC) in December 2014; report finalized in December 2014.

  • This study was not in our originally proposed research workplan for Tanzania but was added when GISAIA learned in mid-2013 that MAFC had begun to consider a pilot ACSP, as some within MAFC had begun to think that perhaps MAFC should transition from NAIVS (a large ag input voucher scheme) to an ag credit subsidy program.  We proposed to provide an ex ante assessment of MAFC’s program design, and MAFC agreed that this would be a valuable input to their decision-making process. 
  • Link to PDF of Ex ante assessment of ACSP (report)
  • Ex Ante Institutional Assessment of the proposed Agricultural Credit Subsidy Program of MAFC. David Mather, Anna Temu, Daniel Ndyetabula, Betty Waized, Isaac Minde and David Nyange. Presentation by D.Mather in meeting with Director of Crop Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Dar es Salaam. 12 Dec 2014.

General Policy Outreach
In Nov 2014, the Policy Advisor (Dr. David Nyange (MSU)) was invited to give a presentation on 'Emerging Ag Policy Issues' to the entire Parliament of the Republic of Tanzania.  This was one of three presentations made during a two-day event organized by Africa LEAD and the Policy Analysis Group (PAG) with the goal of improving the MPs’ general understanding of various current economic policy issues facing Tanzania.