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GISAMA Project Overview


Food Security Group
Department of Agricultural Food and Resource Economics
207 Agricultural Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039, U.S.A.

  • Thom Jayne: Phone : (517) 355-0131, e-mail:
  • Steve Longabaugh: Phone: (517) 432-0018, e-mail:
  • Fax Number: (517) 432-1800


  • Project co-Principal Investigators
  • Based in Zambia at COMESA
  • Other US Personnel
  • US based Students
    • Jordan Chamberlain, PhD student
    • Natalie Lenski, PhD student
    • Andrew Kizito, PhD student

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MSU will follow its established model of providing intensive in-service training by working directly with local partners in conceiving the work, designing any data collection activities, carrying out analysis, and writing the report.  Local contractors are conceived of as work partners with MSU faculty, not simply individuals providing a product to MSU.  This is an essential feature of the MSU model that distinguishes our approach to collaborative analysis because it jointly contributes to capacity building.  Each of the GISAMA research activities are designed such that MSU faculty work with local collaborators to design the work, jointly conduct field work and data analysis, and work with the contractor on the write-up and outreach.  Where relevant, MSU also provides short formal training in aspects of data entry and data analysis using SPSS and Stata software packages.  This basic approach – carrying out all stages of the research, from conception, to data collection, to analysis, to report preparation, to outreach – in collaboration with our African partners is our main approach for capacity building. 

Status Reports on West African Activity: The contribution of cotton and coarse grain value chains to productivity and poverty reduction: Insights from Mali

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