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Mali Agricultural Growth-Nutrition Linkages Project*

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Project Survey Instruments, Instructions and Codes

14 instruments are being used to collect data. Below you will find instructions for each instrument as well as the instrument themselves (all in French). To download any of the documents below click on the title of the paper. You must have Acrobat Reader software (available free of charge from the Adobe web site) in order to view or print these documents. Note: Most of these papers are formatted for A4 paper. If you must print them on 8.5x11 paper, see these instructions.

Prior to the first survey interview, a statement was read and explained to all participants in either Peul, Dogon and Bambara regarding the confidentiality of their responses provided during this research. This statement was developed in light of the University Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects’ standards.

  1. Démographie du Ménage
  2. Les Biens Durables et Les Stocks de Céréales
  3. Mise à Jour de la Démographie de l'UPA
  4. Antropométrie
  5. Consommation des céréales et légumineuses
  6. Dépenses et Autoconsommation et Transferts de lÁrgent
  7. Transactions agricoles
  8. Suivie des animaux et des produits animaux
  9. Revenus tirés des activités
  10. Boutique
  11. Unités de Mesure
  12. Prix du Marché
  13. Recensement des champs and 14 Production Agricole-Fiche Champ


*Photos on this page by Kossa Cissoko.