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Mozambique Policy Analysis and Planning Capacity for Improved Food Security and Nutrition Outcomes (MOZCAPAN)

Projecto de Fortalecimento da Capacidade de Análise de Políticas e Planificação para a Melhoria da Segurança Alimentar e Nutrição

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Project Overview

Michigan State University (MSU) has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) in Mozambique since 1991. The collaboration has been aimed at increasing MINAG's capacity to formulate and implement strategies, institutional reforms and policies to aid the agricultural sector. Since 2004, assistance has also been provided to the National Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique (IIAM). Since October 2012, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a new Program (Mozambique Policy Analysis and Planning Capacity for Improved Food Security and Nutrition Outcomes (MOZCAPAN) has been in place. MOZCAPAN concentrates in four action areas: (1) Support the development and implementation of the Agriculture and Food Security Country Investment Plan (PNISA), (2) Strengthen the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system for CAADP/PEDSA/PNISA and the United States Government (USG) Feed the Future (FTF) initiative, (3) Conduct policy relevant research and outreach, and (4) Build the capacity of a network of policy analysis in the areas of agriculture. food security and nutrition in Mozambique.

Under MOZCAPAN, MSU will ensure that primary responsibility for each of the four action areas – with exception of the monitoring and evaluation of the FTF initiative – is passed on to local organizations over the course of the project. Furthermore, each of these three action areas, though to differing degrees, will be pursued through the University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM)’s new applied policy network (CEPPAG). A network of public institutions responsible for policy analysis within the Government (the Ministry of Agriculture; the Ministry of Industry and Commerce; the Ministry of Planning and Development; the Ministry of Finance) and CEPPAG will be established. The network will be central for developing, implementing, and monitoring the CAADP/PEDSA/PNISA (#1 and part of #2) and for conducting research and outreach activities (#3). MSU’s contribution to the monitoring and evaluation of the FTF program (the other part of area #2) will mostly be provided bilaterally, and not through the network.

MOZCAPAN seeks to achieve its gols through formal and on-the-job training in the priority action areas of collection and timely analysis of relevant information and prompt dissemination of actionable results to managers and policy makers in Mozambique.

Descricao do Projecto em Portugues

CAADP Mozambique reference page

CAADP Mozambique documents, related government strategy documents, other background documents, links to key documents and sites, and other information

Most Recent Research and Outreach

"Flash": series of short papers, closely focused on issues of relevance for understanding the Mozambican food and agricultural system. Top

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Research Reports: over 70 have been produced, most of them published and downloadable in both English and Portuguese. Top


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See Complete List of MINAG Research Reports

Policy Presentations: in collaboration with its partners in MINAG, IIAM and USAID/Mocambique, MSU maintains an active policy outreach program. In addition to presentations by project personnel, MSU has assisted MINAG and IIAM leadership in preparing presentations for both local and international policy fora. Top


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Workshops and Training Materials: Top

Theses Reprints: Top

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Professional Publications Top

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  • This link leads to a short video that was made concerning the Trilateral project from footage taken at the project's closing ceremony and book launching event November 19, 2015. The part featuring the Trilateral workshop event begins around 1 min and 50 sec. into the clip.



MSU has assisted MINAG since 1991 in implementing an Agricultural Market Information System (SIMA). SIMA produces weekly (Quente-Quente) and monthly bulletins (Boletím Mensal). You'll find domestic prices of 25 products in 27 producer, wholesale, and retail markets throughout the country, plus regional and international prices of selected commodities, and market commentary.

  • SIMA Web site - Full set of SIMA and SIMA Provincial (SIMAP) Publications and presentations.

Household Surveys: Documentation and Data Access Policy Top

Since 1991, Michigan State University through the Food Security Group (FSG) has carried-out or assisted in a large number of household surveys in Mozambique. These surveys have ranged from geographically focused studies designed to address specific policy issues, to assistance to Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) in its National Agricultural Survey, also know as TIA (Trabalho de Inquerito Agricola).

Below are brief descriptions of each survey, links to downloadable questionnaires, and Data Sharing Policy for MINAG and MSU.

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