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  • Pitoro, Raul, Walker, T., Tschirley, D., Swinton, S., Boughton, D. and de Marrule, H. Can Bt Technology Reduce Poverty Among African Cotton Growers? An Ex Ante Analysis of the Private and Social Profitability of Bt Cotton Seed in Mozambique. Contributed Paper prepared for presentation at the International Association of Agricultural Economists´ Conference, Beijing, China, August 16-22, 2009.


  • Boughton, Duncan, Mather, D., Barrett. C.B., Benfica, R., Abdula, D., Tschirley, D. and Cunguara, B. Market Participation by Rural Households in a Low-Income Country: An Asset-Based Approach Applied to Mozambique. Faith and Economics Vol 50, Fall 2007: 64-101.
  • Mather, David, and Cynthia Donovan.  2007.  The Impacts of Prime-age Adult Mortality on Rural Household Income, Assets, and Poverty in Mozambique.  Report for World Bank/Mozambique.
  • Donovan, Cynthia, and Jaquelino Massingue.  2007. Illness, death, and macronutrients: Adequacy of rural Mozambican household production of macronutrients in the face of HIV/AIDS. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol 28, no. 2, supplement 4: S331-338. 



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