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International Development Papers

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These papers are available to you in both printed form and electronic form.

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IDP 25 Interactions between the Agricultural Sector and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Implications for Agricultural Policy by T.S. Jayne, Marcela Villarreal, Prabhu Pingali, and Günter Hemrich. 2004. 41pp.

IDP 24 Smallholder Income and Land Distribution in Africa: Implications for Poverty Reduction Strategies by T.S. Jayne, Takashi Yamano, Michael Weber, David Tschirley, Rui Benfica, David Neven, Anthony Chapoto, and Ballard Zulu. 2001. 42pp.

IDP 23 Targeting of Food Aid in rural Ethiopia: Chronic Need or Inertia? (797KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, John Strauss, Takashi Yamano, and Daniel Molla. 2000. 84 pp.

IDP 22 Determinants of Farm Productivity in Africa: A Synthesis of Four Case Studies (351KB PDF) by Thomas Reardon, Valerie Kelly, Eric Crawford, Thomas Jayne, Kimseyinga Savadogo, and Daniel Clay. 1996. 50 pp.

IDP 21 Fertilizer Impacts on Soils and Crops of Sub-Saharan Africa (740KB PDF) by David Weight and Valerie Kelly. 1999. 97 pp.
Note: Two additional maps must be downloaded separately in order to have the complete paper. Figure 1 (1.49MB PDF) | Figure 3 (797KB PDF)

IDP 20 Cash Crop and Foodgrain Productivity in Senegal: Historical View, New Survey Evidence, and Policy Implications (744KB PDF) by Valerie Kelly, Bocar Diagana, Thomas Reardon, Matar Gaye, and Eric Crawford. 1996. 140 pp.

IDP 19. Effects of Market Reform on Access to Food by Low-Income Householde: Evidence from Four Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa (2.12MB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, L. Rubey, D. Tschirley, M. Mukumbu, M. Chisvo, A. Santos, M. Weber, and P. Diskin. 1995. 83 pp.

IDP 18. Promoting Farm Investment for Sustainable Intensification of African Agriculture (178KB PDF) by Thomas Reardon, Eric Crawford, and Valerie Kelly. 1995. 37 pp.

IDP 17. Promoting Food Security in Rwanda Through Sustainable Agricultural Productivity: Meeting the Challenges of Population Pressure, Land Degradation, and Poverty (820KB PDF) by Daniel C. Clay, Fidele Byiringiro, Jaakko Kangasniemi, Thomas Reardon, Bosco Sibomana, Laurence Uwamariya, and David Tardif-Douglin. 1995. 115 pp.

IDP 16. Improving the Measurement and Analysis of African Agricultural Productivity: Promoting Complementarities between Micro and Macro Data (201KB PDF) by Valerie Kelly, Jane Hopkins, Thomas Reardon, and Eric Crawford. 1995. 44 pp.

IDP 15. Market-Oriented Strategies to Improve Household Access to Food: Experience from Sub-Saharan Africa (262KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, D.L. Tschirley, John M. Staatz, James D. Shaffer, Michael T. Weber, Munhamo Chisvo, and Mulinge Mukumbu. 1994. 61 pp.

IDP 14F. L'Impact de la technologie agricole en Afrique subsaharienne: Synthèse des conclusions du colloque (241KB PDF) par James F. Oehmke and Eric W. Crawford. 1993. 34 pp.

IDP 14. The Impact of Agricultural Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Synthesis of Symposium Findings (132KB PDF) by James F. Oehmke and Eric W. Crawford. 1993. 33 pp.

IDP 13. Sources and Effects of Instability in the World Rice Market (727KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne. 1993. 104 pp.

IDP 11. The Economics of Smallholder Maize Production in Zimbabwe: Implications for Food Security (5.4MB PDF) by David D. Rohrbach. 1989. 100 pp.

IDP 10 . Maintaining the Momentum in Post-Green Revolution Agriculture: A Micro-Level Perspective from Asia (3.3MB PDF) by Derek Byerlee. 1987. 57 pp.

IDP 9. Small Scale Industries in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications (6.0MB PDF) by Carl Liedholm and Donald Mead. 1987. 141 pp.

IDP 8. Rice Marketing in Senegal River Valley: Research Findings and Policy Reform Options (4.8MB PDF) by Michael L. Morris. 1987. 89 pp.

IDP 7. Private Decisions and Public Policy: The Price Dilemma in Food Systems in Developing Countries (2.8MB PDF) by C. Peter Timmer. 1986. 58 pp.

IDP 6. Applications of Decision Theory and the Measurement of Attitudes Towards Risk in Farm Management Research in Industrialized and Third World Settings (5.8MB PDF) by Beverly Fleisher and Lindon J. Robison. 1985. 106 pp.

IDP 5. Socio-Economic Determinants of Food Consumption and Production in Rural Sierra Leone: Application of an Agricultural Household Model with Several Commodities (5.1MB PDF) by John Strauss. 1983. 91 pp.

IDP 4. Animal Traction in Eastern Upper Volta: A Technical, Economic and Institutional Analysis (6.9MB PDF) by Vincent Barrett, Gregory Lassiter, David Wilcock, Doyle Baker, and Eric Crawford. 1982. 132 pp.

IDP 3. Farming Systems Research in Eastern Africa: The Experience of CIMMYT and Some National Agricultural Research Services, 1976-81 (3.0MB PDF) by M.P. Collinson. 1982. 67 pp.

IDP 2. A Simulation Study of Constraints on Traditional Farming Systems in Northern Nigeria (6.3MB PDF) by Eric W. Crawford. 1982. 136 pp.

IDP 1F. Etude Critique de la Recherche sur la Developpement Agricole en Afrique Subsaharienne (30.5MB PDF) par Carl K. Eicher et Doyle C. Baker. 1982. 345 pp.

IDP 1. Research on Agricultural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Survey (23.4MB PDF) by Carl K. Eicher and Doyle C. Baker. 1982. 346 pp.