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IDWP 152. Intensification and Intrahousehold Decisions: Fertilizer Adoption in Burkina Faso. Hamza Haider, Melinda Smale, and Veronique Theriault. January 2017.

IDWP 151. Opportunities Seized, Opportunities Missed: Differences in the Economic Impact of Bean Research in Five Latin American Countries. Byron A. Reyes, Mywish K. Maredia, Richard H. Bernsten, and Juan Carlos Rosas. November 2016.

IDWP 150. Agri-Food Systems and Youth Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa. T. S. Jayne, John S. Holtzman, Felix Kwame Yeboah, Jock R. Anderson, and James F. Oehmke. October 2016.

IDWP 149. Testing Alternative Methods of Varietal Identification Using DNA Fingerprinting: Results of Pilot Studies in Ghana and Zambia. Mywish K. Maredia, Byron A. Reyes, Joseph Manu-Aduening, Awere Dankyi, Petan Hamazakaza, Kennedy Muimui, Ismail Rabbi, Peter Kulakow, Elizabeth Parkes, Tahirou Abdoulaye, Enid Katungi, and Bodo Raatz. October 2016.

IDWP 148. Africa's Evolving Employment Structure. F. Kwame Yeboah and T.S. Jayne. October 2016.

IDWP 147. Understanding Fertilizer Effectiveness and Adoption on Maize in Zambia. William J. Burke, Emmanuel Frossard, Stephen Kabwe, and Thomas S. Jayne. October 2016.

IDWP 146. Revitalized Agriculture for Balanced Growth and Resilient Livelihoods: Toward a Rural Development Strategy for Mon State, Myanmar. Multiple Authors from: Center for Economic and Social Development, International Food Policy Research Institute, and Michigan State University. September 2016.

IDWP 145. Agricultural Input Subsidy Programs in Africa: An Assessment of Recent Evidence. T.S. Jayne, Nicole M. Mason, William J. Burke, and Joshua Ariga. July 2016.

IDWP 144. Impact on Employment and Migration of Structural and Rural Transformation. David Tschirley and Thomas Reardon. June 2016.

IDWP 143. Extension Options for Better Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction: A Selected Review 2012–2015. Kristin Davis, Steven Franzel, and David J. Spielman. June 2016.

IDWP 142. Analyzing Trends in Herbicide Use in Sub-Saharan Africa. Philip Grabowski and Thom Jayne. April 2016.

IDWP 141. Gender Differences in the Adoption of Cereal Intensification Strategy Sets in Burkina Faso. Veronique Theriault, Melinda Smale, and Hamza Haider. April 2016.

IDWP 140. Aquaculture in Transition: Value Chain Transformation, Fish and Food Security in Myanmar. Ben Belton, Aung Hein, Kyan Htoo, L. Seng Kham, Ulrike Nischan, Thomas Reardon, Duncan Boughton. December 2015.

IDWP 139. Promoting Agricultural Growth in Myanmar: A Review of Policies and an Assessment of Knowledge Gaps. Than Tun, Adam Kennedy, and Ulrike Nischan. November 2015.

IDWP 138. Sorghum Productivity in Mali: Past, Present, and Future. Valerie Kelly, Lamissa Diakité, and Bino Teme. July 2015.

IDWP 137. An Overview and Economic Assessment of Sorghum Improvement in Mali. Melinda Smale, Alpha Kergna, Amidou Assima, Eva Weltzien, and Fred Rattunde. December 2014.

IDWP 136. Destination or Distraction? Querying the Linkage between Off-farm Income and Farm Investments in Kenya. Melinda Smale, Yoko Kusunose, Mary K. Mathenge, and Didier Alia. December 2014.

IDWP 135. Agricultural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Role of the Multiplier, A Literature Review. Donald Snodgrass. October 2014.

IDWP 134. MSU/FSG Study of the Impact of WFP Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement on Markets, Households, and Food Value Chains. David Tschirley, Robert Myers, and Helder Zavale. September 2014.

IDWP 133. Agribusiness Models for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar: Diagnosis and Ways Forward. Derek Byerlee, Dolly Kyaw, U San Thein, and L Seng Kham. May 2014.

IDWP 132. Farmer Demand for Soil Fertility Management Practices in Kenya’s Grain Basket. Mercy Kamau, Melinda Smale, and Mercy Mutua. November 2013.

IDWP 131. A Strategic Agricultural Sector and Food Security Diagnostic for Burma. Prepared for USAID/Burma by Michigan State University (MSU) and the Myanmar Development Resource Institute’s Center for Economic and Social Development (MDRI/CESD). Team leader: Steven Haggblade. External team members: Duncan Boughton, Glenn Denning, Renate Kloeppinger-Todd, Khin Mar Cho, Shannon Wilson, and Larry C. Y. Wong. MDRI team members: Zaw Oo, Tin Maung Than, Naw Eh Mwee Aye Wai, Ngu Wah Win, and Tun Min Sandar. July 2013.

IDWP 130. Trends in Per Capita Food Availability in West Africa, 1980-2009. Nathalie M. Me-Nsope and John M. Staatz. February 2013.

IDWP 129. Farmers’ Production and Marketing Response to Rice Price Increases and Fertilizer Subsidies in the Office Du Niger. David Mather and Valerie Kelly. December 2012.

IDWP 128. Cereal Market Dynamics: The Malian Experience from the 1990s to Present. Valerie Kelly, Abdoul Murekezi, Nathalie Me-nsope, Sonja Perakis, and David Mather. December 2012.

IDWP 127. Wheat Consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, Drivers, and Policy Implications. Nicole M. Mason, T.S. Jayne, and Bekele Shiferaw. December 2012.

IDWP 126. The Impact of Maize Hybrids on Income, Poverty, and Inequality among Smallholder Farmers in Kenya. Mary K. Mathenge, Melinda Smale, and John Olwande. November 2012.

IDWP 125. What is the Scope for Increased Fertilizer Use in Kenya? Megan Sheahan, Roy Black, and T.S. Jayne. July 2012.

IDWP 124. Impact of Agricultural Market Information Systems Activities on Market Performance in Mozambique. Mozambique Country Report. Andrew M. Kizito, Cynthia Donovan, and John M. Staatz. July 2012

IDWP 123. Survey Data Cleaning Guidelines: (SPSS and Stata). 1st Edition. Margaret Beaver. April 2012.

IDWP 122. Income and Poverty Impacts of USAID-Funded Programs to Promote Maize, Horticulture, and Dairy Enterprises in Kenya, 2004-2010. Melinda Smale, Mary K. Mathenge, Thomas S. Jayne, Eduardo Magalhaes, John Olwande, Lilian Kirimi, Mercy Kamau, and James Githuku. February 2012.

IDWP 121. Staple Food Market Sheds in West Africa. Steven Haggblade, Steven Longabaugh, Duncan Boughton, Nango Dembelé, Boubacar Diallo, John Staatz, and David Tschirley. February 2012.

IDWP 120. Cassava Commercialization in Mozambique. Cynthia Donovan, Steven Haggblade, Venâncio Alexandre Salegua, Constantino Cuambe, João Mudema, and Alda Tomo. December 2011.

IDWP 119. The Impact of State Marketing Board Operations on Smallholder Behavior and Incomes: The Case of Kenya. David Mather and T.S. Jayne. November 2011.

IDWP 118. Working-Age Adult Mortality, Orphan Status, and Child Schooling in Rural Zambia. David Mather. November 2011.

IDWP 117. Working-Age Adult Mortality, Orphan Status, and Child Schooling in Rural Mozambique. David Mather. November 2011.

IDWP 116. Poverty, AIDS, Orphanhood, Gender, and Child. Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of the Evidence. David Mather. November 2011

IDWP 115. Does Household Headship Affect Demand for Hybrid Maize Seed in Kenya? An Exploratory Analysis Based on 2010 Survey Data. Melinda Smale. November 2011.

IDWP 114. Is Older Better? Maize Hybrid Change on Household Farms in Kenya. Melinda Smale and John Olwande. November 2011.

IDWP 113. Smallholder Heterogeneity and Maize Market Participation in Southern and Eastern Africa: Implications for Investment Strategies to Increase Marketed Food Staple Supply. David Mather, Duncan Boughton, and T.S. Jayne. October 2011.

IDWP 112. Pathways to Improved Profitability and Sustainability of Cotton Cultivation at Farm Level in Africa: an Approach to Addressing Critical Knowledge Gaps. Valerie Kelly, Duncan Boughton, and Benjamin Magen. February 2011.

IDWP 111. A Farm Gate-to-Consumer Value Chain Analysis of Kenya’s Maize Marketing System. Lilian Kirimi, Nicholas Sitko, T.S. Jayne, Francis Karin, Milu Muyanga, Megan Sheahan, James Flock, and Gilbert Bor. January 2011.

IDWP 110. Ecosystem Services and Food Security: Economic Perspectives on Environmental Sustainability. Robert B. Richardson. December 2010.

IDWP 109. Cassava Commercialization in Malawi. Emma Kambewa. November 2010.

IDWP 108. The Value of Accurate Crop Production Forecasts. T.S. Jayne and Shahidur Rashid. October 2010.

IDWP 107. Unscrambling Africa: Regional Requirements for Achieving Food Security. Steven Haggblade. October 2010.

IDWP 106. Modernizing Africa’s Fresh Produce Supply Chains without Rapid Supermarket Takeover: Towards a Definition of Research and Investment Priorities. David Tschirley, Miltone Ayieko, Munguzwe Hichaambwa, Joey Goeb, and Wayne Loescher. June 2010.

IDWP 105. Agricultural and Food Security Policy Analysis in Central America: Assessing Local Institutional Capacity, Data Availability, and Outcomes. David Tschirley, Luis Flores, and David Mather. May 2010.

IDWP 105s. Análisis de Políticas Agrícolas y de Seguridad Alimentaria en Centroamérica: Evaluación de la Capacidad Institucional Local, la Disponibilidad de Datos y la Demanda Efectiva para Datos e Información. David Tschirley, Luis Flores, y David Mather. 2010.

IDWP 104. Patterns and Trends in Food Staples Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa: Toward the Identification of Priority Investments and Strategies for Developing Markets and Promoting Smallholder Productivity Growth. T.S. Jayne, Nicole Mason, Robert Myers, Jake Ferris, David Mather, Nicholas Sitko, Margaret Beaver, Natalie Lenski, Antony Chapoto, and Duncan Boughton. April 2010.

IDWP 103. The Evaluation of the Impacts of Title II Monetization Programs for Wheat and Crude Edible Oils in Mozambique, 1997-2007. Cynthia Donovan, Helder Zavale, and David Tschirley. January 2010.

IDWP 102. The Impacts of Trade Barriers and Market Interventions on Maize Price Predictability: Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa. Antony Chapoto and T.S. Jayne. Michigan State University. December 2009.

IDWP 101. Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Food Security Research, Capacity-Building, and Outreach. Food Security Group. Michigan State University. November 2009.

IDWP 100. Spatial Patterns of Food Staple Production and Marketing in South East Africa: Implications for Trade Policy and Emergency Response. Steven Haggblade, Steven Longabaugh, and David Tschirley. Michigan State University. September 2009.

IDWP 99. Characteristics Associated with Prime-Age Mortality in Eastern and Southern Africa: Evidence from Zambia and Kenya. Antony Chapoto, T.S Jayne, L. Kirimi, and S. Kadiyala. Michigan State University. September 2009.

IDWP 98. Are Staple Foods Becoming More Expensive for Urban Consumers in Eastern and Southern Africa? Trends in Food Prices, Marketing Margins, and Wage Rates in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia.  Nicole Mason, T.S. Jayne, Cynthia Donovan, and Antony Chapoto. Michigan State University. June 2009.

IDWP 97. The 2008/09 Food Price and Food Security Situation in Eastern and Southern Africa: Implications for Immediate and Longer Run Responses. T.S. Jayne, Antony Chapoto, Isaac Minde, and Cynthia Donovan. Michigan State University. 2008.

IDWP 96. Can Cash Transfers Promote Food Security in the Context of Volatile Commodity Prices? A Review of Empirical Evidence. Benjamin Magen, Cynthia Donovan, and Valerie Kelly. Michigan State University. 2009.

IDWP 95 Agricultural Statistics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Differences in Institutional Arrangements and their Impacts on Agricultural Statistics Systems. A Synthesis of Four Country Case Studies. Valerie Kelly and Cynthia Donovan. October 2008. (This is the complete paper comprising the 5 components listed below.)

IDWP 94 Food Crises and Food Markets: Implications for Emergency Response in Southern Africa. by David Tschirley and T.S. Jayne. 2008.

IDWP 93 Spatial Disadvantages or Spatial Poverty Traps: Household Evidence from Rural Kenya. by W.J. Burke and T.S. Jayne. 2008.

IDWP 92 Linking Emergency Response to Need in “Food Emergencies”. by David Tschirley, John Staatz, and Cynthia Donovan. 2007.

IDWP 91 Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement: An Assessment of Experience in Africa and Elements of Good Donor Practice. by David Tschirley and Anne Marie del Castillo. 2007.

IDWP 90 Factors Associated with Farm Households’ Movement Into and Out of Poverty in Kenya: The Rising Importance of Livestock. by William J. Burke, T.S. Jayne, H. Ade Freeman, and P. Kristjanson. January 2007.

IDWP 89 Anticipating and Responding to Drought Emergencies in Southern Africa: Lessons from the 2002-2003 Experience by David Tschirley, Jan J. Nijhoff, Pedro Arlindo, Billy Mwinga, Michael T. Weber, and T.S. Jayne. 2006.

IDWP 88 The Many Paths of Cotton Sector Reform in Eastern and Southern Africa: Lessons from a Decade of Experience by David Tschirley, Colin Poulton, and Duncan Boughton. 2006.

IDWP 87 Emergency Needs Assessments and the Impact of Food Aid on Local Markets by Cynthia Donovan, Megan McGlinchy, John Staatz, and David Tschirley. 2006.

IDWP 86 Smallholder Farming Under Increasingly Difficult Circumstances: Policy and Public Investment Priorities for Africa by T.S. Jayne, D. Mather, and E. Mghenyi. 2006.

IDWP 85 Opportunities to Improve Household Food Security Through Promoting Informal Maize Marketing Channels: Experience from Eastern Cape Province, South Africa by Lulama Ndibongo Traub and T.S. Jayne. 2006.

IDWP 84 Using Empirical Information in the Era of HIV/AIDS to Inform Mitigation and Rural Development Strategies: Selected Results from African Country Studies by D. Mather, C. Donovan, T.S. Jayne, and M. Weber. American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, Principal Paper Session 1: What Role for Agricultural Economists in Addressing the HIV/AIDS Pandemic? Providence, Rhode Island, July 25th, 2005. 36 pp.

IDWP 83 The Effects of Market Reform on Maize Marketing Margins in South Africa. By Lulama Ndibongo Traub and T.S. Jayne. 2004. 50 pp.

IDWP 82 A Cross-Country Analysis of Household Responses to Adult Mortality in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications For HIV/AIDS Mitigation And Rural Development Policies. By David Mather, Cynthia Donovan, T.S. Jayne, Michael Weber, Anthony Chapoto, Edward Mazhangara, Linda Bailey, Kyeongwon Yoo, Takashi Yamano, and Elliot Mghenyi 2004. 67 pp.

IDWP 81 Title II Food Aid and Agricultural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards a Principled Argument for When, and When Not, to Monetize (148KB PDF) by David Tschirley and Julie Howard. 2003. 30 pp.

IDWP 80 Trading out of Poverty: WTO Agreements and the West African Agriculture. A Report of the Food Security II Cooperative Agreement (179KB PDF) by Kofi Nouve, John Staatz, David Schweikhardt, and Mbaye Yade. 2002. 36 pp.

IDWP 80F Promouvoir les échanges commerciaux pour réduire la pauvreté : les accords de l’ OMC et l’agriculture en Afrique de l’ Ouest. Un rapport de l’ Accord de Coopération no. II sur la sécurité alimentaire (274KB PDF) par Kofi Nouve, John Staatz, David Schweikhardt, et Mbaye Yade. 2002. 36 pp.

IDWP 79 Linkages Between Agricultural Growth and Improved Child Nutrition in Mali (203KB PDF) by James Tefft, Christopher Penders, Valerie Kelly, John M. Staatz, Mbaye Yade, and Victoria Wise. 2000. 50 pp.

IDWP 78 Food Markets, Policy, and TechnologyThe Case of Honduran Dry Beans (154KB PDF) by Pedro V. Martel, Richard H. Bernsten, and Michael T. Weber. 2000. 40 pp.

IDWP 77 Increasing Seed System Efficiency in Africa: Concepts, Strategies and Issues (958KB PDF) by Mywish Maredia, Julie Howard, and Duncan Boughton, with Anwar Naseem, Mariah Wanzala and Kei Kajisa. 1999 60 pp.

IDWP 76 Green Revolution Technology Takes Root In Africa The Promise and Challenge of the Ministry of Agriculture/SG2000 Experiment with Improved Cereals Technology in Ethiopia (321KB PDF) By Julie A. Howard, Valerie Kelly, Julie Stepanek, Eric W. Crawford, Mulat Demeke, and Mywish Maredia. May 1999. 64 pp.

IDWP 76 Statistical Annex And Copies of Questionnaire Green Revolution Technology Takes Root In Africa The Promise and Challenge of the Ministry of Agriculture/SG2000 Experiment with Improved Cereals Technology in Ethiopia. Statistical Annex And Copies of Questionnaire (494KB PDF) By Julie A. Howard, Valerie Kelly, Julie Stepanek, Eric W. Crawford, Mulat Demeke, and Mywish Maredia. May 1999. 105 pp.

IDWP 75 Workshop on Agricultural Transformation in Africa: Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire, September 26-29, 1995 (219KB PDF) By Moussa Batchily Ba, John M. Staatz, Laura Farrelly, Youssouf Camara, and Georges Dimithè. 1999. 23pp.

IDWP 75F Atelier sur la transformation de l'agriculture en Afrique : Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire, septembre 26-29, 1995 . (207KB PDF) Par Moussa Batchily Ba, John M. Staatz, Laura Farrelly, Youssouf Camara, and Georges Dimithè. 1999. 23pp.

IDWP 74 Effects of Cash Crop Production on Food Crop Productivity in Zimbabwe: Synergies or Trade-offs? (145KB PDF) By Jones Govereh and T. S. Jayne. 1999. 23pp.

IDWP 73 Macro Trends and Determinates of Fertilizer Use in Sub-Saharan Africa (302KB PDF) by Anwar Naseem and Valerie Kelly. 1999. 31pp.

IDWP 72 Successes and Challenges of Food Market Reform: Experiences from Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (250KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, Mulinge Mukumbu, Munhamo Chisvo, David Tschirley, Michael T. Weber, Ballard Zulu, Robert Johansson, KB PDF)Paula Santos, and David Soroko. 1999. 45 pp.

IDWP 71 Effects of Agricultural Commercialization on Food Crop Input Use and Productivity in Kenya (125KB PDF) by Paul J. Strasberg, T.S. Jayne, Takashi Yamano, James Nyoro, Daniel Karanja, and John Strauss. 1999. 28 pp.

IDWP 70 Incentives for Fertilizer Use in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of Empirical Evidence on Fertilizer Response and Profitability (367KB PDF) by David Yanggen, Valerie Kelly, Thomas Reardon, and Anwar Naseem. 1998. 109 pp.

IDWP 69 What Makes Agricultural Intensification Profitable for Mozambican Smallholders? (406KB PDF) by Julie A. Howard, José Jaime Jeje, David Tschirley, Paul Strasberg, Eric W. Crawford, and Michael T. Weber. 1998. 98 pp.

IDWP 68 The Effect of Liberalization on Grain Prices and Marketing Margins in Ethiopia (128KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, Asfaw Negassa, and Robert J. Myers. 1998. 21 pp.

IDWP 67 Final Report--Workshop on Experiences and Options for Priority Setting in NARS, August 12-16, 1996, Nairobi, Kenya (432KB PDF) edited by Julie Howard and Eric Crawford. 1997. 76 pp.

IDWP 66 Improving the Impact of Market Reform on Agricultural Productivity in Africa: How Institutional Design Makes a Difference (472KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, James D. Shaffer, John M. Staatz, and Thomas Reardon. 1997. 39 pp.

IDWP 65 Food Security II Cooperative Agreement: Project Fact Sheets (1996 Version) (1.12MB PDF) by MSU Food Security II Research Team. 1997. 190 pp.

IDWP 64 Market Information Sources Available Through the Internet: Daily to Yearly Market and Outlook Reports, Prices, Commodities and Quotes (244KB PDF) by Jean-Charles Le Vallée. 1996. 21 pp.

IDWP 63 Transforming Poultry Production and Marketing in Developing Countries: Lessons Learned with Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa (294KB PDF) by Laura L. Farrelly. 1996. 46 pp.

IDWP 62 Intrahousehold Allocations: A Review of Theories, Empirical Evidence and Policy Issues (1.22MB PDF) by John Strauss and Kathleen Beegle. 1996. 60 pp.

IDWP 61 Zambia's Stop-And-Go Revolution: The Impact of Policies and Organizations on the Development and Spread of Maize Technology (622KB PDF) by Julie A. Howard and Catherine Mungoma. 1996. 39 pp.

IDWP 60 Agricultural R&D and Economic Growth (767KB PDF) by Elias Dinopoulos. 1996. 25 pp.

IDWP 59 Finding the Balance Between Agricultural and Trade Policy: Rwanda Coffee Policy in Flux (473KB PDF) by David Tardif-Douglin, Jean-Léonard Ngirumwami, Jim Shaffer, Anastase Murekezi, and Théobald Kampayana. 1996. 14 pp.

IDWP 58 Fighting an Uphill Battle: Population Pressure and Declining Land Productivity in Rwanda (608KB PDF) by Daniel C. Clay. 1996. 28 pp.

IDWP 57 An Economic and Institutional Analysis of Maize Research in Kenya (423KB PDF) by Daniel David Karanja. 1996. 24 pp.

IDWP 56 Food Marketing and Pricing Policy in Eastern and Southern Africa: Lessons for Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Access to Food (1.02MB PDF) by T.S. Jayne and Stephen Jones. 1996. 40 pp.

IDWP 55 Trends in Real Food Prices in Six Sub-Saharan African Countries (2.30MB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, et al. 1996. 70 pp.

IDWP 54 Food Security II Cooperative Agreement: Project Fact Sheets (1995/96 Version) (1.5MB PDF) compiled by MSU Food Security II Research Team. 1996. 151 pp.

IDWP 53 Who Eats Yellow Maize? Preliminary Results of a Survey of Consumer Maize Preferences in Maputo, Mozambique (73KB PDF) by David L. Tschirley and Ana Paula Santos. 1995. 16 pp.

IDWP 52. Ex-Ante Evaluation of Farming Systems Research in Northeastern Mali: Implications for Research and Extension Policy (5.1MB PDF) by Bruno Henry de Frahan. 1995. 82 pp.

IDWP 51. Confronting the Silent Challenge of Hunger: A Conference Synthesis (306KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, David Tschirley, Lawrence Rubey, Thomas Reardon, John M. Staatz, and Michael Weber. 1995. 37 pp.

IDWP 50. An Analysis of Alternative Maize Marketing Policies in South Africa (481KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, Milan Hajek and Johan van Zyl. 1995. 51 pp.

IDWP 49F Une approche stratégique pour la planification du programme de recherche agricole en Afrique sub-saharienne (405KB PDF) by Duncan Boughton, Eric Crawford, Julie Howard, James Oehmke, James Shaffer et John Staatz. 1997. 67 pp.

IDWP 49. A Strategic Approach to Agricultural Research Program Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa (221KB PDF) by Duncan Boughton, Eric Crawford, Julie Howard, James Oehmke, James Shaffer, and John Staatz. 1995. 59 pp.

IDWP 48. Interactions Between Food Market Reform and Regional Trade in Zimbabwe and South Africa: Implications for Food Security (184KB PDF) by T.S. Jayne, T. Takavarasha, and Johan van Zyl. 1994. 39 pp.

IDWP 47. Targeting Assistance to the Poor and Food Insecure: A Review of the Literature (153KB PDF)by Mattias Lundberg and Patrick Diskin. 1994. 56 pp.

IDWP 46. Understanding Linkages among Food Availability, Access, Consumption, and Nutrition in Africa: Empirical Findings and Issues from the Literature (120KB PDF) by Patrick Diskin. 1994. 47 pp.

IDWP 45. The Potential Returns to Oilseeds Research in Uganda: The Case of Groundnuts and Sesame (131KB PDF) by Rita Laker-Ojok. 1994. 50 pp.

IDWP 44. Food Security II Cooperative Agreement: Project Fact Sheets (1994 Version) (5.6MB PDF) by MSU Food Security II Research Team. 1994. 104 pp.

IDWP 43. Assessing the Impact of Cowpea and Sorghum Research and Extension in Northern Cameroon (107KB PDF) by James A.Sterns and Richard H. Bernsten. 1994. 48 pp.

IDWP 42. The Rate of Return to Agricultural Research in Uganda: The Case of Oilseeds and Maize (458KB PDF) by Rita Laker-Ojok. 1994. 56 pp.

IDWP 41. Agricultural Research Impact Assessment: The Case of Maize Technology Adoption in Southern Mali (135KB PDF) by Duncan Boughton and Bruno Henry de Frahan. 1994. 95 pp.

IDWP 40. An Economic Analysis of Research and Technology Transfer of Millet, Sorghum, and Cowpeas in Niger (268KB PDF) by Valentina Mazzucato and Samba Ly. 1994. 104 pp.

IDWP 39/2. The Impact of Investments in Maize Research and Dissemination in Zambia. Part II: Annexes (4.1MB PDF). Julie Howard with George Chitalu and Sylvester Kalonge. 1993. 81 pp.

IDWP 39/1. The Impact of Investments in Maize Research and Dissemination in Zambia. Part I: Main Report (668KB PDF) Julie Howard with George Chitalu and Sylvester Kalonge. 1993. 112 pp.

IDWP 38. Research Methods in the MSU Food Security in Africa Project: Conceptualizing and Implementing Policy Relevant Studies (8.6MB PDF) by James F. Tefft with Michael T. Weber and John M. Staatz. 1990. 128 pp.

IDWP 37. User's Guide to BENCOS Lotus 1-2-3 Templates for Benefit-Cost Analysis (1.4MB PDF) by Eric W. Crawford and A. Allan Schmid. 1990. 23 pp.

IDWP 36. Managing Food Security Action Programs in Botswana (2.0MB PDF) by Sisay Asefa. 1989. 36 pp.

IDWP 35. User's Manual for the SADCC Cereals Trade Database Compiled by the University of Zimbabwe and Michigan State University (1.9MB PDF) by David Kingsbury. 1989. 44 pp.

IDWP 34. Food Security and Economic Growth in the Sahel: A Summary of the September 1989 Cereals Workshop (1.4MB PDF) by Victoire C. D'Agostino and John M. Staatz. 1989. 18 pp.

IDWP 33. Small Scale Manufacturing Growth in Africa: Initial Evidence (1.9MB PDF) by Carl Liedholm and Joan Parker. 1989. 40 pp.

IDWP 32. Food Security Policy and the Competitiveness of Agriculture in the Sahel: A Summary of the "Beyond Mindelo" Seminar (2.1MB PDF) by Thomas S. Jayne and Nicholas Minot. 1989. 27 pp.

IDWP 31. Contract Farming and Its Effect on Small Farmers in Less Developed Countries (5.6MB PDF) by Nicholas William Minot. 1986. 86 pp.

IDWP 30. Rapid Reconnaissance Guidelines for Agricultural Marketing and Food System Research in Developing Countries (4.1MB PDF) by John S. Holtzman. 1986. 75 pp.

IDWP 29. Fundamentals of Price Analysis in Developing Countries' Food Systems: A Training Manual to Accompany the Microcomputer Software Program 'MSTAT' (7.2MB PDF) by Stephen Goetz and Michael T. Weber. 1986. 148 pp.

IDWP 28 .Rural Small Scale Enterprises in Zambia: Results of a 1985 Country-Wide Survey (3.4MB PDF) by John. T. Milimo and Yacob Fisseha. 1986. 76 pp.

IDWP 27. The Effect of Policy and Policy Reforms on Non-Agricultural Enterprises and Employment in Developing Countries: A Review of Past Experiences (6.9MB PDF) by Steve Haggblade, Carl Liedholm, and Donald C. Mead. 1986. 133 pp.

IDWP 26. Subsector Analysis: Its Nature, Conduct and Potential Contribution to Small Enterprise Development (2.4MB PDF) by James J. Boomgard, Stephen P. Davies, Steve Haggblade and Donald Mead. 1986. 57 pp.

IDWP 25. Small Scale Enterprise Credit Schemes: Administrative Costs and the Role of Inventory Norms (1.3MB PDF) by Carl Liedholm. 1985. 23 pp.

IDWP 24. Subcontracting Systems and Assistance Programs: Opportunities for Intervention (1.4MB PDF) by Donald C. Mead. 1985. 32 pp.

IDWP 23. A Diagnostic Perspective Assessment of the Production and Marketing System for Mangoes in the Eastern Caribbean (6.4MB PDF) by Alan Hrapsky with Michael Weber and Harold Riley. 1985. 106 pp.

IDWP 22. Software Directories for Microcomputers: An Annotated Bibliography, Second Edition (1.2MB PDF) by Thomas C. Stilwell. 1985. 21 pp.

IDWP 21 .Periodicals for Microcomputers: An Annotated Bibliography, Second Edition (3.6MB PDF) by Thomas C. Stilwell. 1985. 89 pp.

IDWP 20. A Microcomputer Based Planning and Budgeting System for Agricultural Research Programs (3.2MB PDF) by Daniel C. Goodman, Jr., Thomas C. Stilwell and P. Jordan Smith. 1985. 75 pp.

IDWP 19. Irrigation in Southern Africa: An Annotated Bibliography (3.0MB PDF) by Amalia Rinaldi. 1985. 60 pp.

IDWP 18. An Annotated Directory of Citation Database, Educational, System Diagnostics and Other Miscellaneous Microcomputer Software of Potential Use to Agricultural Scientists in Developing Countries (1.8MB PDF) by Thomas C. Stilwell and P. Jordan Smith. 1984. 34 pp.

IDWP 17. Microcomputer Statistical Packages for Agricultural Research (1.3MB PDF) by Thomas C. Stilwell. 1984. 23 pp.

IDWP 16. Small Enterprises in Egypt: A Study of Two Governorates (4.2MB PDF) by Stephen Davies, James Seale, Donald C. Mead, Mahmoud Badr, Nadia El Sheikh and Abdel Rahman Saidi. 1984. 100 pp.

IDWP 15. An Evaluation of Selected Microcomputer Statistical Programs (5.9MB PDF) by James W. Pease and Raoul Lepage with Valerie Kelly, Rita Laker-Ojok, Brian Thelen, and Paul Wolberg. 1984. 187 pp.

IDWP 14. User's Guide to BENCOS A SuperCalc Template for Benefit-Cost Analysis (1.1MB PDF) by Eric W. Crawford, Ting-Ing Ho and A. Allan Schmid. 1984. 35 pp.

IDWP 13. Guidelines for Selection of Microcomputer Hardware (3.6MB PDF) by Chris Wolf. 1983. 90 pp.

IDWP 12. An Annotated Directory of Statistical and Related Microcomputer Software for Socioeconomic Data Analysis (6.9MB PDF) by Valerie Kelly, Robert D. Stevens, Thomas Stilwell and Michael T. Weber. 1983. 165 pp.

IDWP 11. Programmable Calculator (TI-59) Programs for Marketing and Price Analysis in Third World Countries (5.0MB PDF) by Michael L. Morris and Michael T. Weber. 1983. 105 pp.

IDWP 10. Instructional Aids for Teaching How to Use the TI-59 Programmable Calculator (3.1MB PDF) by Ralph E. Hepp. 1983. 133 pp.

IDWP 9. Software Directories for Microcomputers: An Annotated Bibliography (1.0MB PDF) by Thomas C. Stilwell. 1983. 14 pp.

IDWP 8. Faire Face à la Crise Alimentaire de l'Afrique (2.6MB PDF) by Carl K. Eicher. 1983. 29 pp.

IDWP 7. Employment and Housing in Lima, Peru by W. Paul Strassmann. 1983. 96 pp.

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