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Rwanda Food Security Research Project

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At the request of MINAGRI and USAID, FSRP with MINAGRI/DSA began to conduct seasonal agricultural surveys similar to the ones conducted by the pre-war MSU project "Enquete Agricole" to provide regular data on land use, cultivated area by crop and other uses, use of inputs and crop production results. Since Season A of 2000, FSRP and MINAGRI/DSA enumerators have been visiting a set of 1584 households in a nationally representative sample. Several special issues have been covered in addition to the data indicated above, including aspects of fertilizer use, food aid, coffee, and rural labor and deaths.

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  • Donovan, Cynthia, and Linda Bailey. 2006. Understanding Rwandan Agricultural Households' Strategies to Deal with Prime-age Illness and Death: A Propensity Score Matching Approach, in Gillespie, S. (ed.), AIDS, Poverty, and Hunger: Challenges and Responses, Washington, D.C., IFPRI.
  • Mather, D., C. Donovan, T.S. Jayne, and M. Weber. 2005.  Using Empirical Information in the Era of HIV/AIDS to Inform Mitigation and Rural Development Strategies:  Selected Results from African Country Studies.  American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 87 (5):  1289-1297.
  • Jayne, T.S. T. Yamano, M. Weber, D. Tschirley, R. Benfica, A. Chapoto, and B. Zulu.  2003.  Smallholder Income and Land Distribution in Africa: Implications for Poverty Reduction Strategies.  Food Policy, Vol. 28(3): 253-275.

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Food Security III Cooperative Agreement between US Agency for International Development, EGAT/AG Bureau cooperating closely with Africa/SD Bureau, and MSU Department of Agricultural Economics.

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