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Search Suggestions.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Netscape as your web browser, there is a very useful tool available to you to search within a web page. It is accessible to you through 2 different routes.

  1. The first is by using the Control-F shortcut key. When you press the "Ctrl" and "F" keys at the same time, a dialog box will pop up. In this box you can enter the word or phrase you are looking for. Once you enter the search words, then click on “Find Next”.
  2. The second route begins by clicking on the "Edit" tab in your browser's tool bar. Select the "Find in this page" option if you are using Netscape or "Find (on this page)" and then follow the instructions.

We have observed that this feature works better if you search for only one word.

Food Security III Cooperative Agreement between US Agency for International Development, EGAT/AG Bureau cooperating closely with Africa/SD Bureau, and MSU Department of Agricultural Economics.

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