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Strengthening Regional Agricultural Integration in West Africa (SRAI) - Phase 1

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Strengthening Regional Agricultural Integration in West Africa: Key Findings & Policy Implications
consists of 14 chapters, written by key participants in the program. It summarizes many of the findings from the SRAI program and their policy implications and is an essential reference for anyone interested improving food policies in West Africa.

Project Overview (Phase 1)

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Local Crops Competitiveness



Food Consumption

Price Transmission

Trade Flows

Proposed Cereals Marketing Reforms in Mali

In 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture of Mali requested the Sygnenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to co-finance a study aimed at diagnosing current constraints in the cereals marketing system in Mali and to proposing solutions.  The study, known as the Schéma de commercialisation des céréales au Mali, involved the development of terms of reference by a team of stakeholders, a diagnostic study carried out by a joint team involving SRAI researchers and national consultants, and the development of a report synthesizing key findings from the diagnostic study and proposing changes in cereals marketing policies in Mali.


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