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MSU AFRE Food Security
International Updates




January 31, 2013

Food Security Group



Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics


Michigan State University

farmers and markets

Since our last quarterly update, these items have been added to our web site:

International Development Working Papers

·        Cereal Market Dynamics: The Malian Experience from the 1990s to Present. Valerie Kelly, Abdoul Murekezi, Nathalie Me-nsope, Sonja Perakis, and David Mather. December 2012.

·        Wheat Consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, Drivers, and Policy Implications. Nicole M. Mason, T.S. Jayne, and Bekele Shiferaw. December 2012.

·        The Impact of Maize Hybrids on Income, Poverty, and Inequality among Smallholder Farmers in Kenya. Mary K. Mathenge, Melinda Smale, and John Olwande. November 2012.

Press Reports and Success Stories

·        The mealie-meal story: part 2. The Post. 08 January 2013.

·        Raising the bar. Published by The Financial Times Limited. A Global Perspective Special Report. Dec/Jan 2012.

·        State losing K2trn on maize subsidies. Zambia Daily Mail. 06 December 2012.

·        Financial Times quotes FSRP/Zambia faculty member on new Zambia futures contract on Joburg Stock Exchange. beyondbrics. 05 December 2012.

·        Is the Government subsidy to maize millers benefiting consumers? Zambian Economist. 26 November 2012.

·        Proposed VAT Bill to push up cost of maize flour. Daily Nation. November 01, 2012.

·        Experts fault cereals board on fixing maize prices. Business Daily. October 31, 2012.

·        MP warns of toxic maize in the market. Daily Nation. October 31, 2012.

·        New Bill set to push maize flour price up. Daily Nation. October 31, 2012.

·        Wheat for Food Security in Africa Conference. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 18 October 2012.

o   Africa Seeks to Grow More, Buy Less

o   We Want Wheat - Africa's Growing Cereal Demand

Cross-Cutting Outreach Contributions

·        Global food security issues. Duncan Boughton and Steve Longabaugh. XII International Student Summit and Symposium on Higher Education in Agriculture. Kellogg Conference Center. Michigan State University. October 3, 2012.

·        Emerging Land Issues in African Agriculture: Implications for Food Security and Poverty Reduction Strategies. USAID Bureau for Food Security Special Event at The QED Group, LLC. Washington, DC. United States. May 31, 2012.

o   Webinar Recording

o   Emerging Land Issues in African Agriculture: Implications for Food Security and Poverty Reduction Strategies. T.S. Jayne, Jordan Chamberlin, Milu Muyanga. Presented Paper.

o   Land constraints in Kenya’s densely populated rural areas: Implications for food policy and institutional reform. Milu Muyanga, T. S. JayneMilu Muyanga, T. S. Jayne. Presented Paper.

o   Emerging Land Issues in African Agriculture: Implications for Food Security and Poverty Reduction Strategies. T.S. Jayne, J. Chamberlin, M. Muyanga Food Security III, Michigan State University. Presentation.

o   Greenroom Interview with Thomas Jayne and Karol Boudreaux.

Cotton Sector Development and Reform in Africa



·        Theriault, V. and J.A. Sterns. 2012. John R. Commons and the Evolution of Institutions: The Case of the Malian Cotton Sector. Selected Paper. Presented at Agricultural and Applied Economic Association's 2012 AAEA Annual Meeting, Seattle, August 13.

Horticulture Value Chain Development in East and Southern Africa


·        Thesis Re-print: Does Selling Fruits or Vegetables Provide a Strategic Advantage to Selling Maize for Small-Holders in Mozambique? A Double-Hurdle Correlated Random Effects Approach to Evaluating Farmer Market Decisions. Jennifer Elizabeth Cairns Research Report No. 7E October, 2012.

Cambodia Impact Evaluation and Strengthening Local Capacity to Monitor and Evaluate Food Security Programs

Program Components

o    Graduate Training (Masters and PhD)

§  Call for Degree-Training Applications

§  Application for Graduate Degree Scholarship

o   Program Evaluation Short Course

Mali Food Security Initiative: Phase II

Market Outlook Bulletins

·        Persistance des restrictions aux exportations malgré une bonne production. Bulletin de conjoncture. Bulletin d’analyse prospective du marché agricole. Décembre 2012.

Workshop/Conference Reports

·        Workshop on urban food insecurity indicators (Bamako, Nov 29-30, 2012)

o   Workshop documents

§  Terms of reference

§  Framework urban vulnerability

§  Workshop program

§  Workshop report

o   Powepoint Presentations

§  Context and objectives

§  Urban food insecurity indicators (Conceptual framework)

o   Working group documents

§  Group 1

§  Group 2

§  Group 3

Mozambique Productivity and Policy

Current/Recent Outreach

·        Desenvolvimento de um plano para AC em Moçambique. Philip Grabowski. IIAM, Maputo. 8 Novembro 2012.

·        MSU Strengthening Agriculture in Mozambique. Rafael Uaiene for the MSU team. PIAIT Annual Meeting. IIAM, Maputo. 08-November, 2012.

Most Recent Research and Outreach

·        Dinâmicas de Participação e Desempenho nos Mercados Agrícolas do Centro e Norte de Moçambique: Evidência de um Inquérito-Painel a Famílias Rurais (2008-2011). Rui Benfica e David Tschirley. 7 de Dezembro de 2012. Volume 61P.

·        The Dynamics of Agricultural Market Participation and Performance in Central and Northern Mozambique: Evidence from a Panel Survey. Rui Benfica and David Tschirley. 07 December 2012. Volume 61E.

·        Mudanças no Padrão de Cultivo e Uso de Insumos pelos Pequenos Produtores no Centro e Norte de Moçambique, 2008/2011. Benedito Cunguara, João Mudema, David Mather e David Tschirley. 15 de Novembro de 2012. N.º60P.

·        Changes in Smallholder Cropping and Input Use in Central and Northern Mozambique, 2008/2011. Benedito Cunguara, João Mudema, David Mather, and David Tschirley. 15 November 2012. Volume 60E.


Policy Syntheses

·        Fertilizer Subsidies and Smallholder Commercial Fertilizer Purchases: Crowding out, Leakage, and Policy Implications for Zambia. Nicole M. Mason and T. S. Jayne. No. 58. December 2012.

·        Zambian Smallholder Behavioral Responses To Food Reserve Agency Activities (Revised Version). Nicole M. Mason, T. S. Jayne, and Robert J. Myers. No. 57. November 2012.


·       High Mealie-Meal Prices Amidst Bumper Harvests in Zambia. Auckland Kuteya and T.S. Jayne. Presentation at the Sida Meeting, IAPRI, Lusaka January 23rd, 2013.

·        FtF Population-based survey indicators. Nicholas Sitko, Arthur Shipekesa, Solomon Tembo, and Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka. USAID Partners’ Meeting. IAPRI. December 18th, 2012.

·        Stakeholders’ Meeting on Evidence-Based Agricultural Policy Decisions to Shape Agricultural Development for Poverty Reduction. Lusaka, Zambia. 5 December 2012.

o   Update on the formulation of the National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP) under CAADP.

o   Effects of land constraints on smallholder commercialization in Zambia: what are the policy implications? M. Hichaambwa and T. S. Jayne.

o   Current Policy Issues Affecting Maize Meal Prices in Zambia. Auckland Kuteya and T.S. Jayne.

o   The effects of the Food Reserve Agency on smallholder production patterns and maize market prices. Nicole M. Mason, T.S. Jayne, and Robert J. Myers.

o   Grain Traders Association of Zambia. Challenges and Opportunities of maize marketing in Zambia.

o   How Can Zambia Achieve a Sustainable Cotton Sector? Stephen Kabwe and David Tschirley.

o   Implications of IAPRI Research Findings for the National Agricultural Investment Plan. T.S. Jayne and IAPRI Colleagues.

·        Analyzing Zambia’s Agricultural Sector Budget 2013. Auckland Kuteya. Presentation at the ACF/IAPRI Budget Meeting. Lusaka. 1st November, 2012.

Research Reports

·        Fertilizer Subsidies and Smallholder Commercial Fertilizer Purchases: Crowding Out, Leakage, and Policy Implications for Zambia. Nicole M. Mason and T. S. Jayne. IAPRI Working Paper 70. December 2012.

Angola World Vision ProRenda Impact Evaluation

Project Overview

·        Project Summary

Policy Presentations

·        ProRenda: Avaliação de meio termo. Cynthia Donovan and Eunice Cavane. Universidade Estadual de Michigan. Huambo,10 Marco 2011.

·        ProRenda: Estudo de base, Zona Planalto de Angola. Cynthia Donovan, Byron Reyes and Valerie Kelly. Universidade Estadual de Michigan. Huambo, Angola 14 de Junho, 2010.


·        Angola ProRenda Mid-Term Evaluation. Cynthia Donovan and Eunice Cavane. Report prepared for World Vision US. May 2011.

o   ProRenda Mid-Term Report Annexes

·        Baseline Survey Report. Raising the Incomes of Smallholder Farmers in the Central Highlands of Angola:A Model Project for Improving Agricultural Value Chains in Post-Conflict Nations. ProRenda Project Report to World Vision. Byron Reyes, Cynthia Donovan and Valerie Kelly. June 14, 2010.

o   ProRenda Baseline Report Annexes

Professional Publications

·        Market participation and sale of potatoes by smallholder farmers in the central highlands of Angola: A Double Hurdle approach. Byron Reyes, Cynthia Donovan, Richard Bernsten, and Mywish Maredia. Michigan State University. Selected Poster prepared for presentation at the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) Triennial Conference, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, 18-24 August, 2012.

Dissertation and Thesis Reprints

·        Reyes, Byron Alejandro. The Economic Impact of Improved Bean Varieties and Determinants of Market Participation: Evidence from Latin America and Angola. A Dissertation Submitted to Michigan State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics. 2012.

Survey Instruments and Data Documentation

·        Baseline Survey Instrument 2008/2009

Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Markets in Africa (GISAMA)


·        African Agriculture Toward 2030: Changes in Urbanization and Agricultural Land Dynamics: Implications for CGIAR Research. T.S. Jayne and Gustavo Anriquez. Presentation at ISPC Foresight meeting, Tufts University, Boston January 24, 2013.

·        Integrating Smallholders into Inclusive Markets: Why it’s so hard and so important. T.S. Jayne and colleagues at MSU. USAID Evidence Summit, December 12-13, 2012, The Newseum, Washington, DC.

·        Smallholder Farm Differentiation and Inclusive Markets. T.S. Jayne Food Security Group, MSU and Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute. USAID Evidence Summit, December 12-13, 2012, The Newseum, Washington, DC.

Professional Publications

·        Haggblade, Steven, Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt, Drinah Banda Nyirenda, Johanna Bergman Lodin, Leon Brimer, Martin Chiona, Maureen Chitundu, Linley Chiwona-Karltun, Constantino Cuambe, Michael Dolislager, Cynthia Donovan, Klaus Droppelmann, Magnus Jirström, Emma Kambewa, Patrick Kambewa, Nzola Meso Mahungu, Jonathan Mkumbira, João Mudema, Hunter Nielson, Mishek Nyembe, Venâncio Alexandre Salegua, Alda Tomo, Michael Weber, (2012) "Cassava commercialization in Southeastern Africa", Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, Vol. 2 Iss: 1, pp.4 – 40

Professional Publications

·        Theriault, V. R.Serra and J.A. Sterns (2013). “Prices, institutions, and determinants of supply in the Malian cotton sector.” Agricultural Economics. Published online 1/8/2013.

·        Mason, N.M. and R.J. Myers (2013). “The effects of the Food Reserve Agency on maize market prices in Zambia.” Agricultural Economics. Published online 1/8/2013.

·        Mason, Nicole M. and Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob. "Disrupting Demand for Commercial Seed: Input Subsidies in Malawi and Zambia." World Development. Published online 20 December 2012.

·        Jayne, T.S. 2012. Managing food price instability in East and Southern Africa, Global Food Security, November.

·        Theriault V. and J. A. Sterns. 2012. The Evolution of Institutions in the Malian Cotton Sector: An Application of John R. Commons's Ideas. Journal of Economic Issues, 46(4):941-965.