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MSU AFRE Food Security
International Updates


October 31, 2013

Food Security Group


Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

Michigan State University

Quarterly Update

Since our last quarterly update, these items have been added to our web site:

Food Security Group: Research, Policy Dialogue, and Training Projects

Press Reports

Awards Received by FSG Faculty and Students

  • PhD student Ramziath Adjao received the Most Promising Young Scientist award at the Africa Rice Congress in Yaoundé, Cameroon, October 21-24, 2013.
  • Thom Jayne was honored as a Fellow of the African Association of Agricultural Economists at the 4th AAAE Meetings in Hammamet, Tunisia, September 2013.

Cross-Cutting Outreach Outreach Contributions 2012/13 Contributions

Professional Publications

Myanmar (Burma)

Research Reports

Press Reports

Cambodia Impact Evaluation and Strengthening Local Capacity
 to Monitor and Evaluate Food Security Programs

Press Reports

Mozambique Policy Analysis and Planning Capacity


Policy Presentations

Research Reports

Mali Food Security Initiative: Phase II.2

Component 4:
Study of the Recent Evolution of the Market for Malian Cattle, Sheep and Goat Exports


Policy Syntheses


Research Reports

Media Coverage

Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa: GISAIA

Communications and Outreach

Tegemeo Agricultural Policy Research and Analysis (TAPRA) Project, Kenya

Policy Presentations

Strengthening Regional Agricultural Integration in West Africa
(SRAI Programme)

Key Research Results

Workshop/Conference Reports

  • 3rd Africa Rice Congress. Yaoundé, Cameroon. October 2013.
    • The Changing Asian Rice Economy and its Implications for the Development of the Rice Subsector in West Africa. Ramziath T. Adjao and John M. Staatz.
    • The Role of Rice in Changing Food Consumption Patterns in West Africa. Nathalie M. Me-Nsope & John M. Staatz.


West Africa Market Information Project (WAMIP II) Phase II

Project Overview