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MSU AFRE Food Security
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January 31, 2014

Food Security Group



Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics


Michigan State University


Since our last quarterly update, these items have been added to our web site:

Food Security Group: Research, Policy Dialogue, and Training Projects

Press Reports

·        Subsidised fertiliser: Cheaper alternative or expensive way of rearing crops? Dann Okoth. Standard Digital. November 23, 2013.

·        Driving forward the rural development agenda in Myanmar. Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund. 18 November 2013.

·        MSU Food Security Group video. Eric Crawford. MSU International Studies and Programs. August 6, 2012.

Awards Received by FSG Faculty and Students

·        John Staatz, Professor Emeritus Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics and of African studies at Michigan State University, (MSU) honored by Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, President of Mali: On Saturday, November 23, the President of Mali bestowed on Prof. Staatz the title of “Officier de l’ordre national du Mali” for his longstanding contribution to food policy analysis and capacity building in Mali. Over a period of 28 years, Prof. Staatz helped strengthened scientific cooperation between MSU and Agricultural research and training institutions and market information systems in Mali. The ceremony was attended by Mary Beth Leonard, US Ambassador, Gary Juste, USAID Director, Cheick Diarrah, the Minister of National reconciliation and the Development of the North and former visiting scholar at MSU and Dr Nango Dembele, Vice Minister of Livestock, Fisheries & Food Security, and coordinator of the MSU Project to Mobilize Food Security Initiatives in Mali until his recent appointment.

Cross-Cutting Outreach Contributions

·        Preparing a Research Proposal. T. S. Jayne. Guest Lecture for MasterCard Fellows Program. January 17, 2014.

·        Capacity-building in Policy Institutions and Higher Education: A View from the Trenches. AFRE Food Security Group. AFRE Department Brown Bag Seminar. January 14, 2014.

Input Use, Input Market Development and Natural Resource Management


·        Technical Convening On Agricultural Inputs Policy in Africa. Addis Ababa. December 5-7, 2013.

o   Kenya Fertilizer Policy “Success Story”: 1990 to ~2008. J. Ariga and T. Jayne.

o   Introduction to Agenda for a Technical Convening on Input Policies to Support Agricultural Productivity Growth in Africa. Duncan Boughton.

·        Input Subsector Policies to Support Scaling Up of Technology Adoption in Africa. Duncan Boughton. Scaling Up Adoption and Use of Agricultural Technologies Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (GLEE). Addis Ababa. December 4, 2013.

Improving Food Security Research and Analysis Capacity in Myanmar

Policy Presentations

·        Success Strategies for Poverty-Alleviating Rural Development for Myanmar: Lessons from Asian Experience. Thomas Reardon. Brief Prepared for National Workshop on Rural Development Strategic Framework Agenda, Naypyitaw, Myanmar, November 18, 2013, final version January 2014

Mozambique Policy Analysis and Planning Capacity


·        Typology of Horticultural Producers Supplying Maputo. Jennifer Cairns, David Tschirley & Isabel Cachomba. November 2013. Nº70E

·        Cadeia de Valor dos Insumos na Produção de Hortícolas em Maputo. Jennifer Cairns, Isabel Cachomba & David Tschirley. Outubro de 2013. Nº68P.

·        Input Use and Channels Among the Horticultural Producers of Maputo. Jennifer Cairns, Isabel Cachomba and David Tschirley. October 2013. Nº68E.

Research Reports

·        Mozambique Conservation Agriculture Inventory Report. Philip Grabowski and Bordalo Mouzinho. Working Paper No. 6E. May, 2013.


·        Risk Perceptions and Pesticide Use Behavior among the Horticultural Producers of Maputo. Isabel Sitoe Cachomba, Jennifer Cairns, David Tschirley and Jason Snyder. IFPRIMSU Workshop. 9 December 2013.

·        Agricultura e pobreza em Moçambique. Benedito Cunguara. Seminário sobre Padrões de pobreza em Moçambique: Desafios e novas opções de políticas Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. Maputo. 28 de Novembro 2013.

·        Mozambique Policy Analysis and Planning Capacity for Improved Food Security And Nutrition Outcomes (MOZCAPAN). Rafael Uaiene. Presented to PARTI Annual Meeting. Maputo. November 14, 2013.

·        Agricultura de Conservação em Moçambique: historial, desafios e oportunidades. Bordalo Mouzinho. Apresentado no seminário planificação dos parceiros da Ajuda Popular da Noruega. 14 de Novembro de 2013.

·        Caracterização dos sistemas de produção e comercialização de hortícolas nas principais zonas que abastecem a cidade de Maputo. Isabel Cachomba, Jennifer Cairns, David Tschirley, & Jason Snyder. Seminário de Horticultura em Moçambique “Presente e Futuro.” Maputo. 6-7 de Agosto de 2013.

·        Projecto Trilateral (PSAL) Actividades da Componente de Socio- Economia. Isabel Cachomba, Tomás Sitoe, Jennifer Cairns, David Tschirley, Andre Cribb & Edson Guiducci. Maputo. 26 de Março de 2013.

Workshops and Training Materials

·        MSU-IFPRI Workshop in partnership with MINAG and USAID. VIP Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique. 9 December 2013.

o    Objectivos, Tópicos e Agenda do Seminário. "A Transformação de Sistemas Agro-alimentares e a Comercialização Agrária em Moçambique: Provas, Desafios e Implicações"

o    MSU em Moçambique. Rafael Uaiene.

o    Tracking Agricultural Expenditures using Existing Government Public Accounts. Tewodaj Mogues.

o    Uso de Agricultura de Conservação Pelos Pequenos Produtores em Moçambique. B. Mouzinho, P. Grabowski, C. Donovan & B. Cunguara.

o    Pathways to Growth through Smallholder Commercial Farming in Mozambique. Duncan Boughton, Ellen Payongayong and David Mather.

o    Agricultural R&D Trends and Challenges in Mozambique. Antonieta Nhamusso.

o    CAADP Moçambique. Até onde o processo avançou com o PNISA.

o    Spatial targeting and dynamic modeling framework for supporting strategic investment decisions to scale-up agricultural technologies in Mozambique. Cindy Cox, Naomie Sakana, Jawoo Koo, and Emmy Simmons.

o    Mudanças no padrão de cultivo e uso de insumos no centro e norte de Moçambique. B. Cunguara, D. Mather, D. Tschirley.

o    Mutual Accountability, and Agriculture Joint Sector Reviews in Mozambique. Greenwell C Matchaya.

o    Political economy determinants of public investments for nutrition in Mozambique. Lucy Billings, Tewodaj Mogues and Domingos M. do Rosário.

o    Biofortification, crop adoption and health information: Impact pathways in Mozambique and Uganda. Alan de Brauw, Patrick Eozenou, Dan Gilligan, Christine Hotz, Mourad Moursi, Kelly Jones, J.V. Meenakshi.

o    Food Crop Marketing and Agricultural Productivity in a High Price Environment in Central and Northern Mozambique. R. Benfica, R. Uaiene, D. Boughton and B. Mouzinho.

o    Assessing progress made towards shared agricultural transformation objectives in Mozambique. A draft analytical report for the agricultural Joint Sector Review process. Todd Benson, Sileshi Woldeyohannes, & Tewodaj Mogues.

o    Does training AND female representation in extension foster investments? Florence Kondylis, Valerie Mueller, Siyao Zhu.

o    Analysis of Food Crop Prices in Mozambique before and after the 2007/08 International Food Price Crisis. David Mather, Helder Zavale, Benedito Cunguara, and David Tschirley.

o    Evaluating Mozambique’s Agricultural Investment Plan. James Thurlow.

o    Input Value Chains Among the Horticultural Producers of Maputo. Jennifer Cairns, Isabel Sitoe Cachomba, & David Tschirley. Portuguese version.

Theses Reprints

·        Lawson, Ty M. Impact of School Feeding Programs on Educational, Nutritional, and Agricultural Development Goals: A Systematic Review of Literature. Master of Science, A Plan B Paper. 2012.

Mali Food Security Initiative: Phase II.2

Component 2: Monitoring the Food Security Situation/Vulnerability Analysis

Safety Nets Options

·        Food Safety Nets: International Experience and Implications for Mali. Steven Haggblade, Boubacar Diallo, John Staatz, Veronique Theriault and Abdramane Traoré. October 2013.

Component 4:

Study of the Recent Evolution of the Market for Malian Cattle, Sheep and Goat Exports

·        Validation workshop on the impact of recent shocks on Malian livestock exports: Bamako, 27 November 2013.

o   Powerpoint presentation on PROMISAM achievements and the workshop objectives

o   Synthesis report: Effets des récents chocs sur l’évolution des exportations du bétail malien : synthèse des études nationales, by Makan Makadji, Salifou Diarra, Dramane Diarra and John Staatz.

o   Powerpoint presentation of synthesis report

o   Workshop report

o   Workshop photos  


Policy Syntheses

·        Challenges of Smallholder Soybean Production and Commercialization in Eastern Province of Zambia. Mary Lubungu, William Burke, and Nicholas J. Sitko. No. 62. November, 2013.


·        Agricultural Data and Policy Implications in Zambia. Nicholas Sitko. Cooperating Partners Group Meeting. January 9th, 2014.

·        Enabling Policy Environment as Key to Agricultural Production and Trade. Nicholas Sitko. COMESA/ACTESA Food Industry Breakfast. Dec. 3, 2013.

·        Why is Charcoal Consumption High in Urban Zambia? Brian P. Mulenga, Solomon Tembo, & Nicholas Sitko. Brownbag Seminar Series. Department of Agricultural , Food, & Resource Economics. MSU. December 3, 2013.

·        1st IAPRI Provincial Outreach Workshop: Business Opportunities in Oil Seeds and Cotton in Eastern Province. Chipata. November 22, 2013.

o   Challenges of Smallholder Soya Bean Production and Commercialization in Eastern Province Of Zambia. Mary Lubungu, William Burke, and Nicholas Sitko.

o   Agricultural Transformation in Zambia: Evidence From Maize, Cotton And Horticulture. Antony Chapoto, Steven Haggblade, Munguzwe Hichaambwa, Stephen Kabwe, Steven Longabaugh, Nicholas Sitko and David Tschirley.

o   Investment opportunities and Challenges in the Groundnuts Sector in Eastern Province. Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka and Arthur Shipekesa.

·        Analysis of the 2014 Zambia’s Agricultural Sector Budget. Auckland Kuteya. ACF/IAPRI Budget Breakfast Meeting. Taj Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka. October 31, 2013.

·        Agricultural Input Subsidy Programs in Theory and in Practice: The Case of Zambia. Nicole M. Mason, T.S. Jayne, & Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka. Eye on Africa Seminar, MSU African Studies Center. 31 October 2013.

Media Coverage

·        Mealie-meal prices to increase in January. Zambian Watchdog. November 21, 2013.

Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa: GISAIA

Communications and Outreach

·        Breaking the Subsidy Chains. FISP: Who are the Losers. Ephraim Munthali. Exclusive Inquiry, Nation on Sunday, Page 5. 5 January 2014.

·        Effects of Human Population Density On Smallholder Agriculture in Kenya. Milu Muyanga & TS Jayne. Presentation at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Kenya. Nairobi, December 3rd, 2013.

·        Implications of Increasing Population Densities on Farm Intensification and Poverty Reduction Strategies in Kenya. Milu Muyanga & TS Jayne. Presentation at the USAID-Kenya, Nairobi, November 26th, 2013.

·        4th International Conference of the African Association of Agricultural Economists. Hammamet, Tunisia. September 22-25, 2013

o   Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ReNAPRI). Emílio Tostão.

o   Comparative Cost of Maize Production Study in East and Southern Africa. T.S. Jayne, Tracy Davis, Richard Kachule, Adam Akyoo, Raphael Gitau.

o   Way Forward: Towards An African Agricultural Outlook Understanding Regional Markets and Prices. Lulama Ndibongo Traub.

·        Inception Workshop on Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa: Making Input subsidies more profitable and sustainable for Smallholder farmers. Lilongwe, Malawi. 19 September 2013.

o   Proceedings of the Inception Workshop on the GISAIA Project

o   Summary Report

o   Presentations:

§  The Role of Farm Inputs Subsidy Program in the Malawi Economy. Ephraim Chirwa.

§  What Are The Farm-Level Impacts Of Malawi’s Farm Input Subsidy Program? A Critical Review. Rodney Lunduka, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and Monica Fisher.

§  Guiding Investment In Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Malawi. Charles Jumbe, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert.

§  Role of Private Input Suppliers in Smallholder Agriculture: Evidence from Malawi. Presented by Charles Jumbe On behalf of Stevier Kaiyatsa.

§  Improving Maize Productivity Through The Promotion Of Sustainable And Profitable Use Of Fertilizer: The Role Of Complementary And Management Practices. Joseph S. Kanyamuka.

§  Increasing Smallholder Input Profitability & Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Malawi. Francis Addeah Darko.

International Development Working Papers

·        IDWP 132. Farmer Demand for Soil Fertility Management Practices in Kenya’s Grain Basket. Mercy Kamau, Melinda Smale, and Mercy Mutua. November 2013.

·        IDWP 131. A Strategic Agricultural Sector and Food Security Diagnostic for Burma. Prepared for USAID/Burma by Michigan State University (MSU) and the Myanmar Development Resource Institute’s Center for Economic and Social Development (MDRI/CESD) Team leader: Steven Haggblade External team members: Duncan Boughton, Glenn Denning, Renate Kloeppinger-Todd, Khin Mar Cho, Shannon Wilson, and Larry C. Y. Wong MDRI team members: Zaw Oo, Tin Maung Than, Naw Eh Mwee Aye Wai, Ngu Wah Win, and Tun Min Sandar. May 2013.

Professional Publications

·        Benfica, Rui. Welfare and distributional impacts of price shocks in Malawi: a non-parametric approach. Food Security. January 2014.

·        Murekezi, A., S. Jin, and S. Loveridge. 2014. “Have coffee producers benefited from the new domestic cherry market? Evidence using panel data from Rwanda,” Agricultural Economics 45 (2014).

·        Reardon, Thomas. Success Strategies for Poverty-Alleviating Rural Development for Myanmar: Lessons from Asian Experience. Vietnam Journal of Science for Rural Development. No. 9. December 2013.

·        November 2013 issue of Agricultural Economics. Special Issue: Input Subsidy Programs (ISPs) in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Volume 44, Issue 6, Pages 545–734. Guest editors Thomas Jayne and Shahidur Rashid.

o   PREFACE (pages 545–546). Thomas Jayne and Shahidur Rashid

o   Input subsidy programs in sub-Saharan Africa: a synthesis of recent evidence (pages 547–562). T.S. Jayne and Shahidur Rashid

o   What are the farm-level impacts of Malawi's farm input subsidy program? A critical review (pages 563–579). Rodney Lunduka, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and Monica Fisher

o   Input promotion within a complex subsector: fertilizer in Nigeria (pages 581–594). Lenis Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie and Hiroyuki Takeshima

o   Zambia's input subsidy programs (pages 613–628). Nicole M. Mason, T.S. Jayne and Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka

o   Impacts of subsidized hybrid seed on indicators of economic well-being among smallholder maize growers in Zambia (pages 659–670). Nicole M. Mason and Melinda Smale

o   What are the effects of input subsidy programs on maize prices? Evidence from Malawi and Zambia (pages 671–686). Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Nicole M. Mason, Francis A. Darko and Solomon T. Tembo

o   How do fertilizer subsidy programs affect total fertilizer use in sub-Saharan Africa? Crowding out, diversion, and benefit/cost assessments (pages 687–703). T.S. Jayne, David Mather, Nicole Mason and Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

·        Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O. 2014. Do vouchers improve government fertilizer distribution? Evidence from Nigeria. Agricultural Economics.

·        Maredia, M., B. Shankar, T. Kelley, and J. Stevenson. 2014. Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research, Institutional Innovation, and Technology Adoption: Introduction to the Special Section. Food Policy.

·        Sitko, N. and T.S. Jayne (2014). Exploitative Briefcase Businessmen, Parasites, and Other Myths and Legends: Assembly Traders and the Performance of Maize Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa. World Development. February 2014. Volume 54, 56-67.

Survey Research Training Materials

Self-Tutorial Sample Session for STATA

·        STATA 13 - Sample Session. Cross-Sectional Analysis Short Course Training Materials Designing Policy Relevant Research and Data Processing and Analysis with STATA 13 1st Edition. January 2014.

o   Tutorial

o   Data