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MSU AFRE Food Security
International Updates




July 31, 2014

Food Security Group



Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics


Michigan State University


Since our last quarterly update, these items have been added to our web site:


Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy (FSP)


Project Overview

·        Semi Annual Report: July 15, 2013 – March 30, 2014

·        Project Brochure

·        Work Plan

Policy Presentations

·        Webinar | Transformation of Food Supply Chains: What Every Agricultural Banker Should Know. Thomas Reardon. World Bank AGRIFIN. Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

·        Africa’s Food Security Challenges: Emerging Megatrends. T.S. Jayne, Lulama Traub, Ferdinand Meyer. MSU - Ford Foundation meeting. June 30, 2014.

·        Changing Dynamics Around Land In African Agriculture. Milu Muyanga, T.S. Jayne & Jordan Chamberlin. Bureau for Food Security|USAID. Washington, DC. June 10, 2014.

·        Toward a Holistic Program for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa. T.S. Jayne. USAID/Bureau for Food Security. Washington, DC. June 9, 2014.

Improving Food Security Research and Analysis Capacity in Myanmar

Policy Presentations

·        Agribusiness Investment Models for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar - Diagnosis and Ways Forward. Derek Byerlee. Presentation to USAID. 8 April 2014.

·        Myanmar at a Cross Road: Small and Medium-scale Farmers (SMFs) or Large-scale Land concessions? L Seng Kham. World Bank Land and Poverty Annual Conference. Washington D.C. 2014.

Press Reports

·        Agribusiness and land grabs in Myanmar. Mekong Commons. 2014/05/02.

Mozambique Policy Analysis and Planning Capacity

Policy Presentations

·        The impact of extension services on farm incomes in rural Mozambique. Benedito Cunguara. UEM Seminar. Maputo. April 16, 2014.


·        Factores que influenciam o uso de insumos melhorados no sector familiar: Estudo de caso da região centro de Moçambique, 2010/11. Bordalo Mouzinho, Benedito Cunguara, Eunice Cavane e Cynthia Donovan. Junho 2014. Nº71P.

Research Reports, MINAG

·        Food Crop Marketing and Agricultural Productivity in a High Price Environment: Evidence and Implications for Mozambique. Rui Benfica, Duncan Boughton, Bordalo Mouzinho and Rafael Uaiene. Research Paper 76E. May 2014.


Policy Syntheses

·        Creating Scarcity From Abundance: Bumper Harvests, High Prices, And The Role Of State Interventions In Zambian Maize Markets. Auckland N. Kuteya and Nicholas J. Sitko. No. 67. May, 2014.

·        Can Increasing Smallholder Farm Size Broadly Reduce Rural Poverty in Zambia? Munguzwe Hichaambwa and T. S. Jayne. No. 66. May, 2014.

Research Reports

·        Demystifying the Role of Grain Assemblers in the Rural Maize Markets of Eastern and Southern Africa. Nicholas Sitko and T.S. Jayne. Working Paper No. 84. June 2014.


·        Agriculture Cooperating Partners Meeting on Conservation Agriculture, Embassy of Finland. Lusaka, Zambia. 10 June 2014.

o   Understanding the 2013/2014 Maize Harvest. Ballard Zulu and Nicholas J. Sitko.

o   Minimum Tillage Use Rates in Zambia: Evidence from District-Representative Data. Hambulo Ngoma, Brian P. Mulenga, T.S. Jayne, Nicholas Sitko, Jordan Chamberlin, & Stephen Kabwe.

·        Zambian Cotton Sector: How Can It Be Sustained Amidst Booms and Slumps? Stephen Kabwe. Cotton Stakeholders’ Meeting. Golden Peacock Hotel, Lusaka. 12 May 2014.

·        Conservation Agriculture Adoption by Cotton Farmers in Eastern Zambia. Philip Grabowski, John Kerr, Steve Haggblade and Stephen Kabwe. 1st ACCA Conference. Lusaka, Zambia. March 2014.

Media Coverage

·        On FISP (Editor's Note). Zambia Weekly. 16 May 2014.

Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa: GISAIA

Communications and Outreach

·        Maize-Nitrogen Response in Malawi’s Smallholder Production Systems. Sieg Snapp, T.S. Jayne, Wezi Mhango, Todd Benson and Jacob Ricker-Gilbert. Paper prepared for the National Symposium. “Eight Years of FISP – Impact and What Next?” Bingu International Conference Centre, Lilongwe. 14 – 15 July 2014. Draft: July 11, 2014.

·        David vs. Goliath: The Revolution In Africa's Farm Structure. Lulama Traub, F.H. Meyer, T.S. Jayne, Milu Muyanga, J. Chamberlin, W. Anseeuw and Antoine Ducastel. IFAMA Agribusiness and Food World Forum. Cape Town, South Africa. June 17, 2014.

·        Guiding Investment in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa (GISAIA). J. Ricker-Gilbert. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Seattle, WA. May 29, 2014.

·        International Food Policy Research Institute Seminar at FAO Headquarters. Rome, Italy. May 12, 2014.

o   Input Subsidy Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. T.S. Jayne, Shahid Rashid.

o   Input Subsidy Programs in Asia Insights from Asian Agriculture. Shahid Rashid, T.S. Jayne.

·        Changing Dynamics Around Land in African Agriculture. Milu Muyanga, T.S. Jayne & Jordan Chamberlin. Grow Africa Investment Forum. Abuja, Nigeria. May 6, 2014.

Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Markets in Africa : GISAMA


GISAMA Project Overview

Final Report

·        Narrative (excerpt)

·        Milestones

Improving the Inclusiveness of Agricultural Value Chains in West Africa:

The Role of Market Segmentation and Emerging Sub-Channels

Country-level Value Chain Case Studies



·        Promotion d’une chaîne de valeur inclusive: perspectives et potentialités du manioc au Benin. Steven Haggblade, Abdramane Traoré, Bio Goura Soulé, Faridath Aboudou, Sanni Gansari, Moubarakatou Tassou et Joël D. Yallou. janvier 2014.

o   Background Study (“Analyse de la structure et la dynamique de la chaîne de valeur du manioc au Bénin“ by Bio Goura SOULE, Faridath ABOUDOU, Sanni GANSARI, Moubarakatou TASSOU, and Joël D. YALLOU)



·        L’inclusion des pauvres, des jeunes et des femmes dans la chaîne de valeur riz : Le cas de la Guinée. Véronique Thériault et Boubacar Barry. Janvier 2014.

  • Background Study (“Etude sur l’inclusion des femmes, des jeunes et des plus pauvres dans la chaine de valeur du riz en Guinée pour une meilleure efficacité des interventions” by BARRY Boubacar)



Mali Horticulture

·        Promotion d’une chaîne de valeur inclusive: perspectives et potentialités des produits horticoles au Mali.Steven Haggblade, Abdramane Traoré, Lamissa Diakité, Zéinabou Dramé et Moumouni Sidibé . février 2014.

o   Background Study (“Analyse de la chaîne de valeur des produits horticoles: tomates fraîches, échalotes fraiches, Gombos et Choux au Mali” by Dr Lamissa DIAKITE, Mme Zéinabou DRAME, and M Moumouni SIDIBE)

Mali Rice

·        Promotion d’une chaîne de valeur inclusive: Perspectives pour le riz au Mali. Boubacar Diallo (MSU), Salifou Diarra (OMA), Pierre Traoré (OMA), Francis Keïta (OMA). janvier 2014.

o   Background Study (“L’inclusion des femmes, des jeunes et des pauvres dans la chaine de valeur du riz au Mali” by Salifou B. DIARRA, Pierre TRAORE, and Francis KEITA)

International Development Working Papers

·       IDWP 133. Agribusiness Models for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar: Diagnosis and Ways Forward. Derek Byerlee, Dolly Kyaw, U San Thein, and L Seng Kham. May 2014.

Professional Publications

·        Hybrid Seed and the Economic Well-Being of Smallholder Maize Farmers in Zambia. Melinda Smale and Nicole Mason. The Journal of Development Studies, 2014 Vol. 50, No. 5, 680–695.

·        Jayne, T.S., Milu Muyanga, Jordan Chamberlin, and Chance Kabaghe. 2014. Land Scarcity and African Agriculture: Implications for Food Security and Poverty Reduction Strategies. In The State of the African Farmer, Heifer International. Pages 34-41.

·        Jayne, T.S, A. Chapoto, N. Sitko, C. Nkonde, M. Muyanga, J. Chamberlin. 2014. Is the Scramble for Land in Africa Foreclosing a Smallholder Agricultural Expansion Strategy? Journal of International Affairs, 67 (2), 35-53.

·        Reardon, T. and C.P. Timmer. 2014. Five Inter-Linked Transformations in the Asian Agrifood Economy: Food Security Implications, Global Food Security 3(2). 15 May 2014.

·        Reardon, T., KZ Chen, B. Minten, L. Adriano, TA Dao, J. Wang, S. Das Gupta. 2014. The Quiet Revolution in Asia’s Rice Value Chains. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, April 2014.

·        Melinda Smale, Ekin birol and Dorene Asare-Marfo. 2014. Smallholder Demand for Maize hybrids in Zambia: How Far do Seed Subsidies Reach? Journal of Agricultural Economics 65(2): 349-367.

·        Smale, M., E. Simpungwe, E. Birol, H. De Groote, and R. Mutale. 2014. The changing structure of the maize seed industry in Zambia: Prospects for orange maize. Agribusiness. 10 April 2014.

·        Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O. 2014. Fertilizer subsidies and private market participation: the case of Kano State, Nigeria. Agricultural Economics.

·       Mason, N.M., T.S. Jayne and R.J. Myers. 2014. Smallholder Supply Response to Marketing Board Activities in a Dual Channel Marketing System: The Case of Zambia. Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Press Reports and Success Stories

·       IFAMA 2014: Is Africa's future 'upstream' and 'post-farm'? Knowledge, Technology and Society, An Institute of Development Studies Blog. 26 June 2014.