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April 2016

Food Security Group



Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics


Michigan State University


Since our last quarterly update, these items have been added to our web site:

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·        Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy: Mali

·        Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy: West Africa

·        Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy: Africa Great Lakes Region Coffee Support Program

·        Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy: Senegal

Policy Syntheses

·        Implications of Asia’s Changing Rice Economy for the Development of Rice Value Chains in West Africa. Ramziath T. Adjao and John M. Staatz. SRAI 2 Policy Brief. No. 4. April 2016.

·        Relationship between Large-Scale Agricultural Investors and Local Communities: Lessons from Two Investments In Zambia. Kerstin Nolte and Mitelo Subakanya. No. 79. April 2016.

·        Nutrition and Food Security: The Role of Forest Resources in Eastern Zambia. Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka and Asunta Simoloka. No. 78. March 2016.

·        Agricultural Mechanization And South-South Knowledge Exchange: What can Ethiopian and Kenyan policymakers learn from Bangladesh’s experience? Addisu Tadege Animaw, Jasper Alfred Mutegi Nkanya, John Mogaka Nyakiba, and Tamiru Habte Woldemariam. Synthesized by Hiroyuki Takeshima. ESSP Research Note 47. February 2016.

·        Agricultural Mechanization And South-South Knowledge Exchange: What can Ghanaian and Nigerian policymakers learn from Bangladesh’s experience? Patrick O. Aboagye, Abdullahi Garba Abubakar, Abdulai Iddrisu Adama, Akeem Oyeyemi Lawal, and Aliyu Abdullahi Musa. Synthesized by Hiroyuki Takeshima. GSSP Policy Note 06 and NSSP Policy Note 36. February 2016.

·        The Rewards of an Improved Enabling Environment: How Input Market Reform Helped Kenyan Farmers Raise Their Fertilizer Use By 36%. Megan Sheahan, Joshua Ariga, and T.S. Jayne. Policy Synthesis Number 92. February 2016.

·        Factors Limiting Smallholder Cattle Commercialization in Zambia. Mary Lubungu, Nicholas J. Sitko, and Munguzwe Hichaambwa. No. 77. February 2016.

·        Comparing FISP to Alternative Programs. Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Rodney Lunduka, Gerald Shively & Thom Jayne. Policy Brief IV. July 2014.

·        Understanding and Improving FISP Targeting. Rodney Lunduka, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Gerald Shively & Thom Jayne. Policy Brief III. July 2014.

·        Improving the Effectiveness of Malawi’s FISP. Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Rodney Lunduka, Gerald Shively & Thom Jayne. Policy Brief II. July 2014.

·        Redefining the goals and objectives of the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) in Malawi. Rodney Lunduka, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Gerald Shively & Thom Jayne. Policy Brief I. July 2014.

Research Reports

·        Reardon, T. 2016. Growing Food for Growing Cities: Transforming Food Systems in an Urbanizing World. Chicago: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. April.

·        Exploiting the potential for expanding cropped area using animal traction in the smallholder sector in Mozambique. Benedito Cunguara, David Mather, Tom Walker, Bordalo Mouzinho, Jaquelino Massingue, Rafael Uaiene. Research Paper 79E. April 2016.

·        An In-depth Analysis of Zambia's Agricultural Budget: Distributional Effects and Opportunity Cost. Auckland N. Kuteya, Nicholas J. Sitko, Antony Chapoto and Emma Malawo. Working Paper No. 107. April 2016.

·        Improved Agricultural Technology Adoption in Zambia: Are Women Farmers Being Left Behind? Thelma Namonje-Kapembwa and Antony Chapoto. Working Paper 106. April 2016.

·        The Impact of Power Rationing on Zambia’s Agricultural Sector. Paul Samboko, Antony Chapoto, Auckland Kuteya, Stephen Kabwe, Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka, Bruno Mweemba, and Eustensia Munsaka. Working Paper 105. March 2016.

·        Principais Resultados dos Inquéritos feitos pela Equipe de Socio-economia do Projecto Trilateral PSAL com os Produtores de Hortícolas das Zonas Verdes, Moamba e Boane. Jennifer Cairns Smart, Isabel Sitoe Cachomba, Jason Snyder, Joey Goeb, David Tschirley.

·        Um Estudo de Caso de Margens Brutas e Custos de Produção de Alface, Couve, Tomate e Cebola entre os Horticultores que Abastecem o Mercado de Maputo. Jennifer Cairns Smart. Janeiro 2016. Nº74P.

·        Drivers of Micronutrient Policy Change in Zambia: An Application of the Kaleidoscope Model. Steven Haggblade, Suresh Babu, Jody Harris, Elizabeth Mkandawire, Dorothy Nthani and Sheryl L. Hendriks. Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Working Paper No.C3-3. February 15, 2016.

·        Let it Rain: Weather Extremes and Household Welfare in Rural Kenya. Ayala Wineman, Nicole M. Mason, Justus Ochieng, and Lilian Kirimi. Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development. WPS 57/2016.

·        How Is Multinational Investment in Grain and Oilseed Trading Reshaping the Smallholder Markets in Zambia? Nicholas J. Sitko and Brian Chisanga. Working Paper 104. February 2016.

·        The Effects of Kenya’s ‘Smarter’ Input Subsidy Program on Smallholder Behavior and Incomes: Do Different Quasi-Experimental Approaches Lead to the Same Conclusions? Nicole M. Mason, Ayala Wineman, Lilian Kirimi and David Mather. Tegemeo Institute Of Agricultural Policy And Development. WPS 56/2016.

·        Smallholder Cropping and Input Responses to Changes in Expected Prices and Market Access in Central and Northern Mozambique, 2008‐2011. David Mather, Benedito Cunguara and David Tschirley. Working Paper 75E. December 2015.

·        Background reports: Smallholder participation in mango exports from Mali

o   Accès des petits producteurs aux marchés : Etude de cas du modèle de partenariat entre SCS International et les producteurs de mangues au Mali. Jacob Coulibaly and Tidiane Diarisso. 2015.

o   Analyse des arrangements contractuels et les difficultés rencontrées par les parties dans le cadre de l’exportation de la mangue par la société SCS International. Assitan Traoré. 2015 Undergraduate thesis (Rapport de fin de cycle). IPR/IFRA de Katibougou. 2015.

o   Organisation managériale du PLAZA et ses enjeux dans le cadre de l’exportation de la mangue par la société SCS international. Rapport de stage fin de cycle (Undergraduate thesis). Ibrahim Ag Abdoulaye AG SID AHMAD. IPR/IFRA de Katibougou. 2015.

·        Winds of Change: A Rapid Appraisal of Four Pulse Value Chains in Myanmar. Steven Haggblade, Duncan Boughton, L Seng Kham and Myo Thaung. October 31, 2014.

Policy Presentations

·        Incentivizing unsustainable intensification? The case of Zambia’s fertilizer subsidy program. N. Kendra Levine, Nicole M. Mason, Stephen N. Morgan, and Olipa Zulu-Mbata. Invited seminar at Allegheny College. Meadville, PA. 21 April 2016.

·        Africa’s Changing Farmland Ownership and Use: Considering the Policy Implications. T.S. Jayne, Ward Anseeuw, Richard Kachule, Milu Muyanga, Kwame Yeboah, and Nicholas Sitko. Keynote Address, Malawi Land Symposium. Lilongwe, Malawi. April 20, 2016.

·        Toward Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture in East and Southern Africa: What Have We Learned? T.S. Jayne. GISAIA Policy Symposium, Ministry of Agriculture. Lilongwe, Malawi. 21 April 2016.

·        Africa’s evolving employment structure: Trends and implications for economic transformation. Felix K. Yeboah and Thomas S. Jayne. Development Brown Bag Seminar. April 6, 2016.

·        The Geography of Zambia’s Customary Land: Assessing the Prospects for Smallholder Development. Nicholas J. Sitko, Jordan Chamberlin, and Munguzwe Hichaambwa. Customary Land Management Research Symposium. Lusaka, Zambia. April 6-7, 2016.

·        Food Security Policy Innovation Lab at mid-term: progress versus promises. Duncan Boughton and Mywish Maredia. March 22, 2016.

·        Africa’s Changing Farmland Ownership: The Rise of the Emergent Investor Farmer. T.S. Jayne, Jordan Chamberlin, Lulama Ndibongo Traub, N. Sitko, Milu Muyanga, Felix K. Yeboah, Chewe Nkonde, Ward Anseeuw, A. Chapoto, and Richard Kachule. Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. Washington D.C. March 14–18, 2016.

·        Do Transactions Costs Affect Youth Access to Farmland in sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Tanzania. J. Ricker-Gilbert, J. Chamberlin. Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, March 14-17, 2016.

·        Is Small Still Beautiful? The Farm Size-Productivity Relationship Revisited in Kenya. Milu Muyanga & T.S. Jayne. Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2016, Washington, DC. March 14-18, 2016.

·        What is driving farmland rental prices in sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Malawi. Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Nicole M. Mason, Jordan Chamberlin. Selected paper presented at the 2016 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. Washington, DC. 15 March 2016.

·        The Role of Land Policy in Agricultural Transformation and Inclusive Economic Growth: Implications for Africa. Thomas Jayne, M. Mercedes Stickler, Caleb Stevens, and Sarah Lowery. March 16, 2016.

·        Gender and Cereal Intensification in the West African Sahel. Veronique Theriault, Melinda Smale, Hamza Haider. Seminar, Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida. March 11, 2016.

·        Accelerating the Growth and Development of the Vegetable Sector in Myanmar:  Principles for Success. Duncan Boughton. Second National Vegetable Sector Round Table. Naypyitaw. March 3, 2016.

·        Observations on the VSAT draft white paper: “Accelerating the Growth and Development of the Vegetable Sector in Myanmar.” Duncan Boughton. March 3, 2016.

·        C. Sauer, M. Maredia, and N. Mason. Legume technology and agricultural productivity: Evidence from Zambia. Selected visual presentation at the Pan-African Grain Legume and World Cowpea Conference. AVANI Victoria Falls Resort and Conference Center, Livingstone, Zambia. Feb. 29, 2016.

·        Agricultural land dynamics and land policy in rural Tanzania. Milu Muyanga, Isaac Minde, David Nyange, Ntengua Mdoe, Charles Mgeni, Christopher G. Magomba, Judith V. Rejea, Ayala Wineman, T.S. Jayne. 2nd Annual Agricultural Policy Conference. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. February 25, 2016.

·        Transformation of the Rural Economy in Myanmar: The Essential Role of Agricultural Public Expenditure. Duncan Boughton. Presentation Notes. Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Working Group. Yangon. February 16, 2016.

·        Briefing Note for Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Working Group Agricultural Public Expenditures in Myanmar. February 16, 2016.

·        Rapport d’enquête de recherche: Enquête de diagnostic de la production de sorgho dans la Savane soudanienne. Melinda Smale, Amidou Assima, Alpha Kergna, Assitan Traoré, Naman Keita. Bamako. 22 janvier 2016.

·        Système semencier en transition: tendances, défis et opportunités. Steven Haggblade, Boubacar Diallo, Melinda Smale, Lamissa Diakité et Bino Témé. 22 janvier 2016.

·        Revue de la structure et de la performance de la filière engrais au Mali. Véronique Thériault, Alpha Kergna, Abdramane Traoré, Bino Témé et Melinda Smale. Bamako. 22 janvier 2016.

·        Enquête diagnostique dans la savane soudanienne au Mali. Utilisation des engrais par les producteurs. Amidou Assima. 22 octobre 2015.

·        Diffusion des variétés de sorgho et l’Impact Economique Potentiel des Hybrides de Sorgho en zone Soudanienne du Mali. Alpha O. Kergna, Melinda Smale, Amidou Assima et Naman Keïta. Bamako. 22 Octobre 2015.

·        Structure et performance de la filière engrais au Mali. Véronique Thériault, Alpha Kergna, Abdramane Traoré, Bino Témé et Melinda Smale. Bamako. 22 Octobre 2015.

Policy Papers

·        A profitability analysis of fertilizer use for maize production in Nigeria. Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. O., Omonona, B.T., Sanou, A., & Ogunleye, W.

·        Is Fertilizer use Inconsistent with Expected Profitability for Rice Production in Nigeria? Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. O.

·        Sustaining Input on Credit Through Dynamic Incentives and Information Sharing: Lessons from a Framed Field Experiment. Adjognon, S , Liverpool-tasie, S. L. and Shupp, R.

·        Fertilizer Use and Farmer Productivity in Nigeria: The Way Forward – A Reflection Piece. Liverpool-Tasie, L. S., Omonona, B.T, Sanou, A, & Ogunleye, W.

International Development Working Papers

·        IDWP 141. Analyzing Trends in Herbicide Use in Sub-Saharan Africa. Philip Grabowski and Thom Jayne. April 2016.

Professional Publications

·        Reardon, T. 2016. Growing Food for Growing Cities: Transforming Food Systems in an Urbanizing World. Chicago: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. April.

·        Mason, N.M., A. Wineman, L. Kirimi, and D. Mather (2016). The Effects of Kenya's ‘Smarter’ Input Subsidy Programme on Smallholder Behaviour and Incomes: Do Different Quasi-experimental Approaches Lead to the Same Conclusions? Journal of Agricultural Economics, published online 12 April 2016.

·        Zhou, Y. and J. Staatz (2016). Projected demand and supply for various foods in West Africa: Implications for investments and food policy, Food Policy 61: 198–212

·        Skidmore, M., J. Staatz, N. Dembélé, and A. Ouédraogo (2016). Population growth, land allocation and conflict in Mali, Area Development and Policy 1(1): 113-131.

·        Haggblade, Steven, Kwaku G. Duodu, John D. Kabasa, Amanda Minnaar, Nelson K. O. Ojijo, and John R. N. Taylor. Emerging Early Actions to Bend the Curve in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Nutrition Transition. Food and Nutrition Bulletin 1-23. 2016.

·        Megan Sheahan, Joshua Ariga, T.S. Jayne. Modeling the Effects of Input Market Reforms on Fertilizer Demand and Maize Production: A Case Study from Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Economics. November 2015.

·        Foreign Affairs, special edition on African Farmers in the Digital Age: How Digital Solutions Can Enable Rural Development, February 2016.

o   T.S. Jayne and Lulama Traub. Where Will They Land? Keeping Rural Youth in Business.

o   T.S. Jayne and Lulama Traub. Megatrends Transforming Africa’s Food Systems.

·        Horticultura em Moçambique Características, Tecnologias de Produção e de Pós-Colheita. Lenita Lima, Haber Carvalho, Carlos Ecole, Walter Bowen, Francisco Vilela Resende. Editores técnicos. This book represents the culmination of the efforts of production, post-harvest, and socio-economics components of the Trilateral Project in Mozambique from 2012-2015. The book was released at the closing ceremonies of the Project during a final workshop held in Maputo, November 16-20, 2015.

Press Reports

·        FISP Slashed. Malawi Nation, April 21, 2016, page 1.

·        Agri-eNews. Quarterly e. Newsletter of the Ministry of Agriculture. Volume 9. January-March, 2016.

·        Michigan State University awarded $4.4 million for food security work in Mali. MSU Today. March 28, 2016.

·        Improve Agricultural Reporting, govt asks media. The Nation. 16 February 2016.

·        Myanmar: Aquaculture's next big frontier? Intrafish. Elisabeth Fischer. Published: 08.02.2016

·        This link leads to a short video that was made concerning the Trilateral project from footage taken at the project's closing ceremony and book launching event November 19, 2015. The part featuring the Trilateral workshop event begins around 1 min and 50 sec. into the clip.

Awards Received by FSG Faculty and Students

MSU International Awards Ceremony. March 23, 2016

·        Duncan Boughton • Eric W. Crawford. Ralph H. Smuckler Award for Advancing International Studies and Programs at MSU

·        Lenis Saweda Liverpool-Tasie. John K. Hudzik Emerging Leader in Advancing International Studies and Programs

·        Nango Dembélé. Joon S. Moon Distinguished International Alumni Award