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July 2016

Food Security Group



Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics


Michigan State University


Since our last quarterly update, these items have been added to our web site:

Policy Syntheses

·        Revitalized Agriculture for Balanced Growth and Resilient Livelihoods: Towards a Rural Development Strategy for Mon State. Center for Economic and Social Development International Food Policy Research Institute. Michigan State University. July 2016.

·        Can Input Subsidy Programs Promote Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa? T.S. Jayne, Nicholas J. Sitko, Nicole M. Mason, and David Skole. MSU Policy Synthesis #93. July 2016.

·        Lessons Leant from the Implementation of the E-voucher Pilot. Auckland N. Kuteya, Chinyama Lukama, Antony Chapoto, and Vincent Malata. No. 81. July 2016.

·        Which Large-scale Agricultural Commercialisation Models Offer the Best Opportunities for Improved Local Livelihoods in Zambia? Munguzwe Hichaambwa and Crispin Matenga. No. 80. June 2016.

·        Implications de l’évolution de l’économie rizicole en Asie pour le développement des chaînes de valeur du riz en Afrique de l’Ouest. Ramziath T. Adjao and John M. Staatz. SRAI 2 Document de politique générale. Juin 2016.

·        USAID Feed the Future African Great Lakes Region Coffee Support Program (AGLC) Policy Advocacy Roundtable

o   Policy Advocacy Roundtable on Ensuring Access to Improved Inputs. IPAR Rwanda, Kigali. May 24, 2016.

o   Policy Advocacy Roundtable on Increasing the proportion of fully washed coffee. IPAR Rwanda, Kigali. May 19, 2016.

o   Policy Advocacy Roundtable on Access to Financing. IPAR Rwanda, Kigali. May 18, 2016.

o   Policy Advocacy Roundtable on Farmer Investments in Coffee. IPAR Secretariat, Kigali. May 17, 2016.

o   Policy Advocacy Roundtable on Farmer’s access to premiums. IPAR Secretariat, Kigali. May 13, 2016.

·        Système semencier en transition: tendances et défis. Steven Haggblade, Boubacar Diallo, Melinda Smale, Lamissa Diakité et Bino Témé. Mars 2016

·       Comment améliorer la performance de la filière engrais au Mali? Des pistes de solutions. Veronique Theriault, Alpha Kergna, Abdramane Traoré, Bino Temé et Melinda Smale. Février 2016

Research Reports

·        Case Study of Olam Outgrower Scheme in Rukubi Rice Farming Communities, Nasarawa State Nigeria. Chukwuka Onyekwena. July, 2016.

·        Linking Smallholders to Profitable Markets: A Case Study of Selected Cassava Value Chains in Ghana. Samuel Asuming-Brempong, Alfred Asuming Boakye, John K. M. Kuwornu, and Patrick Kojo Ofori. June, 2016.

·        Avaliação da Situação da P&D da Soja e o Programa “Feed the Future”, da USAID, em Moçambique em 2016. Tom Walker e Benedito Cunguara. Relatório de Pesquisa 81P. Junho 2016.

·        Avaliação dos Rumos da P&D do Feijão Nhemba no Programa “Feed the Future”, da USAID, em Moçambique em 2016. Tom Walker, Benedito Cunguara e Cynthia Donovan. Relatório de Pesquisa 80P. Junho 2016.

·        Linking West African Smallholders to Greater Value-Added Activities: A Case Study of Selected Rice Value Chains in Ghana. Samuel Asuming-Brempong, Alfred Asuming Boakye, John K. M. Kuwornu, and Patrick Kojo Ofori. June, 2016.

·        Final Study Validation & Outreach Workshops (May 12, 2016 in Ho and May 19, 2016 in Accra)

o   Workshop report

o   From Rice Bowl to Food Basket: Three Pillars for Modernizing Myanmar’s Agricultural and Food Sector. White Paper. Prepared by the National Economic and Social Advisory Council (NESAC). April 6, 2016. Myanmar Language.

o   La contractualisation : une opportunité pour la promotion des chaines de valeur du riz local en Afrique de l’Ouest. Bio Goura Soulé. April, 2016.

·        Final Study Validation & Outreach Workshop (Bamako, April 2016)

o   Workshop Report: Développement de la filière mangue au Mali : analyse des modèles de coordination et de partenariat entre les différents acteurs

o   Presentations:

§  Objectifs et résultats attendus de l’atelier

§  Les opportunités et les contraintes de la filière mangue au Mali. Tidiane Diarasso

§  Modèle de coordination et de partenariat entre SCS International et les producteurs de Mali. Jacob Coulibaly

§  Développement de la filière mangue au Mali: analyse des modèles de coordination et de partenariat entre les différents acteurs. Boubacar Diallo, Jacob Coulibaly, Tidiane Diarisso, John Staatz, Abdramane Traore et Bino Teme. Avril 2016.

·        Walker, T., Cunguara, B., and Donovan, C., 2016. Assessing directions for cowpea R&D in USAID’s Feed the Future program in Mozambique in 2016. MEAS report. University of Illinois.

·        Walker, T., and Cunguara, B., 2016. Taking stock of soybean R&D and USAID’s Feed the Future program in Mozambique in 2016. MEAS report. University of Illinois.

·        The Effects of NAIVS on Private Sector Fertilizer and Seed Supply Chains in Tanzania. David Mather, Betty Waized, Daniel Ndyetabula, Anna Temu, Isaac Minde and David Nyange. Working Paper #3. April 2016.

·        Linking Smallholder Maize Farmers to the Market for Poultry Feed in Nigeria: a Case Study. Obafemi Elegbede. February, 2016.

Policy Presentations

·        Policy Innovation for Inclusive Agricultural and Rural Economic Growth in Myanmar. Duncan Boughton. Yangon, July 21, and Nay Pyi Taw, July 26, 2016.

·        Africa’s Evolving Employment Structure: Implications for economic transformation. Kwame Yeboah and T.S. Jayne. Plenary Presentation, International Conference on Applied Bioeconomy Research. June 27, 2016. Ravello, Italy.

·        Celebrating Five Years of Feed The Future USAID. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. June 2-3, 2016.

o   Aquaculture Program Evaluation. Dr. Robert Richardson, Dr. Murari Suvedi, Dr. Michael Kaplowitz, Mr. Samonn Mith, Mr. Sreng Bora.

o   Harvest Nutrition Education: Child Feeding Practices. Kimberly Chung, Beth Ann Lopez, Sreng Bora.

o   Cambodia HARVEST Commercial Horticulture Evaluation. Dr. Murari Suvedi, Dr. Raul Pitoro, Ms. Bineeta Gurung, Mr. Sreng Bora, Mr. Kong Sothea, Mr. Hok Leanghak, Mr. Sok Kao, Mr. Math Srales.

o   Strengthening Agricultural Extension Services in Cambodia. Dr. Murari Suvedi.

·        A New Vision for Myanmar’s Agricultural Development: From Rice Bowl to Food Basket. U Tin Htut Oo. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. May 18, 2016. White Paper.

·        What Rice Policy Framework Will Best Support Myanmar Agricultural Strategy? Duncan Boughton. Agricultural Policy Working Group Discussion Forum. Yangon, Myanmar. May 9, 2016.

·        Feed the Future Africa Great Lakes Region Coffee Support Program (AGLC) Policy Roundtable. May 2016. Kigali, Rwanda

o   Motivating Farmers to Invest in Their Coffee Plantations

o   Ensuring a higher proportion of coffee moves through the fully washed channel

o   Ensuring Farmers have Timely Access to Improved Inputs

o   Rewarding Farmer producers of high quality coffee through higher prices

o   Improving access to pre-financing for cooperatives and coffee washing stations

·        Mon State Livelihoods and Rural Development Strategy. Zaw Oo, Mateusz Filipski, Duncan Boughton, Paul Dorosh. Mawlamyaing, Myanmar May 2, 2016.

·        Cities and the Future of Agriculture & Food Security. Roundtable Recap. April 25, 2016.

·        Agrifood Youth Employment and Engagement Study (AGYEES). Key Findings and Recommendations. Youth Livelihoods Program. Agrifood Youth Opportunity Labs Co-Design Meeting. April 18-19, 2016.

·        From Rice Bowl to Food Basket: Three Pillars for Modernizing Myanmar’s Agricultural and Food Sector. Duncan Boughton and Steve Parker (Nathan Associates). Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Yangon, Myanmar. April 1, 2016. White Paper.

·        Agrifood System Transformation in East and Southern Africa: Implications for Tanzania. David Tschirley, Jason Snyder, Claire Ijumba, Thomas Reardon. 2nd Agricultural Policy Conference in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam. Feb 24, 2016.

·        Comments to the Committee on World Food Security: Urbanization, rural transformation and implications for food security and nutrition. David Tschirley. FAO, Rome 22 February 2016.

·        Africa’s Diet Transformation: Implications for Changing Employment Structure. David Tschirley. The MasterCard Foundation Meeting. Michigan State University. April 9, 2015.

International Development Working Papers

·        IDWP 144. Impact on Employment and Migration of Structural and Rural Transformation. David Tschirley and Thomas Reardon. June 2016.

·        IDWP 143. Extension Options for Better Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction: A Selected Review 2012–2015. Kristin Davis, Steven Franzel, and David J. Spielman. June 2016.

·        IDWP 140. Gender Differences in the Adoption of Cereal Intensification Strategy Sets in Burkina Faso. Veronique Theriault, Melinda Smale, and Hamza Haider. April 2016.

Professional Publications

·        The Quiet Rise of Medium-Scale Farms in Malawi. Ward Anseeuw, Thomas Jayne, Richard Kachule, John Kotsopoulos. Land 2016, 5(3), 19; doi:10.3390/land5030019.

·        Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O (2016). Is fertilizer use inconsistent with expected profit maximization in sub-Saharan Africa? “The case of rice in Nigeria”. Journal of Agricultural Economics. doi: 10.1111/1477-9552.12162

·        Sitko, N. J., & Chamberlin, J. (2016). The geography of Zambia’s customary land: Assessing the prospects for smallholder development. Land Use Policy, 55, 49-60.

Thesis Reprints

·        Bloem, Jeffrey R. Measuring Hope: An Empirical Approach with Validation In Rural Myanmar. MS Thesis. 2016.

o   The Real-Life Psychological Impacts of Poverty Traps. Jeffrey Bloem. Jul 20, 2016.

Press Reports

·         Africa’s real land grab. Never mind foreign interlopers. African urbanites are scooping up more land. The Economist. July 23 2016.

·        The potential of pulses. Myanmar Times. June 21, 2016.

·        FACT CHECK: Are white ex-Zim farmers driving Zambia maize boom? New Zimbabwe. 13 June 2016.

·        Uniting researchers and journalists to bring about positive change. University of Pretoria, News. 19 May 2016.

·        Shankar Acharya: A tiger cub in the neighbourhood? Business Standard. May 11, 2016.

Survey Research Training Materials

·        STATA 14 - Sample Session. Cross-Sectional Analysis Short Course Training Materials Designing Policy Relevant Research and Data Processing and Analysis with STATA 14 1st Edition. June 2016.

o   Tutorial

o   Data