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West Africa Market Information Project-Phase II (WAMIP II)

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Project Overview

  • The Michigan State University West Africa Market Information Projects. September 2011.
  • Project Summary
    • This project, which builds on an earlier set of activities (WAMIP I) supported by the Foundation, aims at expanding regional agricultural trade in Sub-Saharan Africa, thereby stimulating poverty-reducing agricultural growth. The project will do so by improving the flow and quality of agricultural market information to farmers, traders, consumers, and other actors in agricultural value chains in Africa through two sets of activities:
      1. Determining the needed changes in grades and standards for selected staple foods in West Africa in order to expand regional trade and create a private-public sector consultative process at the national and regional levels to bring about such changes.
      2. Analyzing alternative models for providing market information to African farmers and other key market actors, the models’ likely evolution over the next 5-10 years and to draw implications for needed public, private, civil-society and donor support.
  • Project Proposal
  • Contact Information: in-country personnel, U.S.-based backstop and collaborative institutions.

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