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Zambia Food Security Surveys

(Note: Most documents are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader.)

Central Statistical Office Activities

Post Harvest Surveys (PHS) for Small and Medium-Sized Holdings (Synthetic Questionnaire)

2003/2004 | 2002/2003 | 2001/2002 | 2000/2001 | 1999/2000 | 1998/1999 | 1997/1998 | 1996/1997 | 1995/1996 | 1994/1995 | 1993/1994 | 1992/1993 | 1991/1992 | 1990/1991

Living Conditions Monitoring Surveys (LCMS)

Crop Forecast Surveys (CFS) for Small and Medium-Sized Holdings (Synthetic Questionnaire)

2005/2006 | 2004/2005


To facilitate access to CSO publications, we are presenting here downloadable executive summaries of selected CSO publications. Complete copies of these documents are available from: Central Statistical Office, Research and Dissemination, P.O. Box 31908, Lusaka. Tel 250699 Fax 252575.

Food Security Research Project Activities

Survey Instruments


Data Sharing Policy

All prior rounds of the MSU/FSRP/CSO Supplemental Panel Surveys to the 1999/00 Post Harvest Survey (2001, 2004, and 2008) are available upon request; please contact T.S. Jayne, Co-Principal Investigator, Zambia Food Security Research Project, jayne@msu.eduThe Rural, Agriculture, and Livelihoods 2012 Survey (RALS12) will be publicly available starting August 1, 2015.

The Crop Forecast Survey and the Post Harvest Surveys are the intellectual property of the Central Statistical Office.  CSO requests that enquires about access to these data sets be directed to: .