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Statistical Report on Categorization of Rural Cropping Households in Zambia
A. Kuteya, S. Kabwe, M. Beaver, A. Chapoto, B. Burke, N. Mason and M. Weber
FSRP Working Paper No. 51 - March 2011

(Note: Most documents are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader.)

No. 51.     Full Version (forthcoming after stakeholders  discussions and input on sections below)

No. 51-1. Section I. - Introduction and Methods

No. 51-2. Section II. - Household Income Analysis

No. 51-3. Section III. -Household Demographics

No. 51-4. Section IV. - Household Assets and Land Access

No. 51-5. Section V. - Crop Growing and Marketing.

No. 51-6. Section VI. - Land Allocation to Main Crops

No. 51-7. Section VII. - Maize Production, Input Use and Marketing

No. 51-8. Section VIII. - Maize Performance Indicators and Extension